Lessons from Tonto Dikeh’s outburst about her failed marriage

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Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh seems not to let go of her ex- hubby as she keeps making news of their failed marriage.

Earlier this week, she let the cat out of the bag by letting the whole world know that her ex-husband, Churchill Olakunle, cannot stay more than 40 seconds in a woman.

She made this known in an interview with Daddy Freeze on Youtube.

The actress who has become more famous on social media than in movies told Freeze that her ex-husband had a serious sexual problem which was extremely detrimental to their failed marriage.

Freeze was trying to stop her from revealing the serious sex problem, by saying ‘Tonto stop’, but a deviant Tonto Dike splashed it out, saying that Olakunle had premature ejaculation.

“My ex-husband cannot stay more than 40 seconds in a woman. Our longest sex was 1 minute and that is when we had our son King,” she said.

Nonetheless, different people have bared their minds on the issue and this ranges from celebrities like comedian Funny Bone who said, Your son will grow up one day and be embarrassed

 In defence, Tonto Dikeh replied that he will put the comedian in prison.

Lesson from Tonto Dikeh’s failed marriage

However, the lesson from all these drama is that when people who once claimed to be in love either as lovers or couples break up, they should not come to the public to wash their dirty linens because this is uncalled for and it is often blown out of proportion.

No one needs to know about your ugly secrets but be matured enough to keep it to yourselves and let sleeping dogs lay.

Moreso, people exude so much bitterness when a relationship and marriage does not end well.


This should be dissuaded to an extent but the truth remains we all are from different backgrounds and have our idiosyncrasies and this will in no small measure affect our reactions and sense of judgement.

Related to the above lesson is: A lesson about Tonto Dikeh’s failed marriage which has been circulating online.

It’s entitled, “What goes around comes around.”

In 2012, when Mercy Johnson had her first child, Purity, a job actually came knocking at her door on return.

As a professional that she is, she chose not to let her manager and fans down, hence she shunned omugwo and went ahead for the shoot.

Then came madam critic, TONTO DIKE.

Tonto Dikeh marriage

Tonto disparaged Mercy’s struggles and talked down on her hustle.

She concluded her rant with a boast, that she would rather remain single than be married to a man who is not rich enough to take care of her after childbirth… A man that would allow her go on set while still nursing a newborn…

That was the height of Tonto’s insensitivity to the realities of life…

Linda Ikeji helped rebroadcast that unbridled rant from a weed ravaged cosmetic albino of a girl…

Little did we know that Tonto was actually speaking under the influence of Churchill’s amu… The same she now call “40 seconds dick.”

Fast forward to 2019… Both Tonto Dike and Linda Ikeji have all gone into one or two relationships and come out empty, while Mercy Johnson is still hanging on, and getting better with her husband everyday.

Both Tonto Dike and Linda Ikeji did not last up to a quarter of Mercy’s marriage term so far, but have all come out to give long sermons against their baby fathers, whom they now call EX, while Mercy is still hanging on, and enjoying her family with 3 lovely kids.

As the case may be, neither me nor you have heard Mercy say anything awful against her husband or marriage… But her critic and media vendor have all gone, saw, ran out and are crying wolf…

Whatever lesson you could make out of this situation… Make it.

Don’t be a Tonto… Be a Mercy!

Respect people’s marriage and allow them live their lives the way they can afford it…


Don’t make jest of your fellow human being when they are having trying moments. It may be you tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Lessons from Tonto Dikeh’s outburst about her failed marriage”

  1. There is no good marriage that doesn’t face challenges. Even our parents had theirs and were together to raise us up. Well it depends on the kind of home someone is coming from. All I know is that jumping from one marriage to another doesn’t solve the problem. Let’s just think before doing.

    1. You’re right Kenny, but it’s more awful when husband or the wife takes each other to the press or before the general public to say bad things about each other.

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