Marriage is not my priority-Jaywon

Last updated on January 6th, 2022 at 01:33 pm

Nigeria music artiste Jaywon,in a recent interview has said he doesn’t think marriage is on his list for now, even as he recently ventured into acting. Even though Iledare Oluwajuwonlo welcomed a child in 2016 adding that he is still single as he had yet to find his missing rib.

“One of the things I look for when it comes to having a relationship is happiness and being able to manage each other (me and my partner). I don’t think I need marriage; all I need is a best friend that we can just be together and understand each other for the rest of our lives, have kids and build an empire together.

I feel that when the word marriage comes into the picture, that is when the problem starts. Everybody starts to feel like they have a right and all that. We can just be best friends and be together forever; it is more important than calling it marriage. If it is a partnership, then let it be so, if we can pray, make money and have children together. I don’t need any other thing.

“If I can have all that, I am okay; marriage has destroyed a lot of people. I am not married yet because I have yet to find the right woman.  I feel if there is no love, we cannot progress. Even in a company, if there is no love, the company won’t grow. I have been heartbroken many times in the past; ‘Saro’ my song, is a true life story.

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“My son is the most important thing to me right now; everybody knows I travel a lot. Each time I travel out of the country, I get to pay him a visit. The only reason why he has not visited Nigeria is because he needs to grow, he is still growing. I don’t care about what the society thinks, the society has killed a lot of people and messed them up because they put the society before themselves,” he was quoted as saying by The Punch.

Asked about his recent appearances in movies, the ‘This Year’ progenitor  said he had always had a talent for acting, describing it as a hobby.

According to him, he is not into acting because of the financial reward.

“Acting is more of a hobby to me; I felt it was high time I started answering their calls. I have always received scripts, but I wasn’t responding because acting is time-consuming. I have a lot of friends in the movie industry, so I had to support them when they called me to the movie scene.

“It cannot affect my music career. I only do it when I am free; if I am not available, I won’t do it. They need to work their schedule to work with mine. Being creative has never been for the money. I will only take roles that align with my personality,” he said.

Jaywon has joined the list of music artistes such as Chidimma, Banky W,Seyi Shay, Vector,Tiwa Savage to mention but a few who have played roles in the film industry known as Nollywood.


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