LATEST Airtel Data Bundle Subscription Codes PLUS Double DATA


In this post, we’ve compiled the LATEST airtel data bundle subscription codes you need to top up your data. The data bundle can be used on any mobile phone and laptop or desktop.


Do you know that you can upgrade Airtel SIM to 4G LTE? Yeah, most especially if you’ve been experiencing bad downloading or slow internet connection on your 2G or 3G.


Types of Data Bundle for Airtel subscribers

There are eight types of data bundles for Airtel subscribers, meaning you can simply choose the one suit you. They are:

  1. Daily / Weekly Plans
  2. Monthly Plans
  3. Mega Plans
  4. Social Plans
  5. Instagram Bundles
  6. 4G Plans
  7. Top Up Bundles ( Postpaid )
  8. Pay As You Use

Airtel data Bundle daily subscription codes

Whatever your data needs are, we have a plan for you, our fast, affordable and reliable internet experience will keep you connected anytime, anywhere.

Price in Naira (N) Data Allowance in MB Duration Airtel data codes
50 20MB Last for one day *141*50#
100 75MB 1 day *141*100#
200 200MB Three days *141*200#
300 1GB 1 day *141*354#
300 350MB 1 week *141*300#
500 750MB 2 weeks *141*500#
500 1GB 1 week *141*502#
500 2GB 1 day *141*504#
1500 6GB 1 week *141*1504#

NOTE: To subscribe for any of the above airtel daily data bundle directly from your mobile phone, first recharge and dial any the code associated with your desired data.

Airtel Monthly subscription codes (UPDATED)

The UPDATED airtel monthly data bundle is in 11 categories, though the last four is known as MEGA PACKS so you’ve got coolest data to choose from according to your budget which ranges between N1,000 to N4, 000

See them below:

1) Price: N1,000

Data allowance: 1.5GB

Validity: 30 days

Subscription Code: *141*1000#

2) Price: N1,200

Data allowance: 2GB

Validity: 30 days

Code: *141*1200#

3) Price: N1,500

Data allowance: 3GB

Validity: 30days

Code: *141*1500#

4) Price: N2,000

Data allowance: 4.5GB

Validity: 30 days

Code: *141*2000#

5) Price: N2,500

Data allowance: 6GB

Validity: 30 days

Code: *141*2500#

6) Price: N3,000

Data allowance: 8GB

Validity: 30 days

Subscription Code: *141*3000#

7) Price: N4,000

Data allowance: 11GB

Validity: 30 days

Subscription Code: *141*4000#


8) Price: N5,000

Data allowance: 15GB

Validity: a month

Subscription Code: *141*5000#

9) Price: N10, 000

Data allowance: 40GB

Validity: a month

Subscription Code: *141*10000#

10) Price: N15, 000

Data allowance: 75GB

Validity: a month

Subscription Code: *141*15000#

11) Price: N20, 000

Data allowance: 110GB

Validity: 30 days

Subscription Code: *141*20000#

Airtel 4G Bundles

Apart from the above daily, weekly and monthly airtel data bundle, there is a specific one it called 4G bundle.

According to the telecom giant, the Airtel 4G bundles are special data plans designed specifically for routers to deliver super-fast internet experience on 4G network in locations that have 4G coverage.

NOTE: If your area isn’t covered by the 4G, don’t go for this option because the bundles are locked to Airtel Routers on 4G network.

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Data Bundle Price USSD Code
10GB N5, 000 *370#
30GB N10, 000 *370#
60GB N15, 000 *370#
120GB N20, 000 *370#


Airtel Social Plans

To subscribe for this, see the codes below:

Access to only WhatsAppp

10MB goes for N25

Duration is 1 day

Subscription code: *948*4#

Access to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp:

40MB for N50

Duration: 24 hours

Subscription code: *991*4#

80MB for N100

Validity: 5 days

Code: *688*3#

600MB for N300

Validity: 25 days

Code: *688*1#

Airtel Instagram data bundle

These plans only give you access to photo sharing platform Instagram:

250MB for N100

Validity: I day

Code: *141*105#

1GB for N200

Duration: 1 day


Airtel Pay As You Use (PAYU)

If you think paying as you use would be your best option, you can opt for this option. You will be charged N3 per MB.

PAYU Subscription code: *400#

You can as well check out MTN 4GB for N1000, and Smile Data Plan.

Airtel Double Data promo (smartCONNECT)

Airtel Double Data promo: 3GB@N1000, 1.5GB for N500 on smartCONNECT 5.0

You can now enjoy 3GB@N1000, 1.5GB for N500 in Airtel double data promo  recently rolled out by the telecom giant.

Also you can also enjoy 7GB for as low as N2,000 in what it calls smartCONNECT 5.0


The information provided here is subject to change at any time. We’ll try our best to keep it updated. However, we urge you to read carefully the terms and conditions of data plan before opting in.

Also, the effectiveness of any data plan depends largely on how strong the network carrier is in your area particularly if you’re within Airtel 4G LTE zones, you will get 4GB data for FREE

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Airtel Double Data promo: 3GB@N1000, 1.5GB for N500 on smartCONNECT 5.0″ quote=”Airtel Double Data promo: 3GB@N1000, 1.5GB for N500 on smartCONNECT 5.0″]

How to activate Airtel double data promo (smartCONNECT 5.0) on a new SIM

According to the telecom giant, it’s smartCONNECT is a default bonus plan for prepaid customers which offers 100% instant bonus on every data bundle plus 8 times bonus on every recharge.

Step 1: Buy a new Airtel SIM Card
Step 2: Register the SIM at any Airtel KYC registration point.
Step 3: Insert the SIM in your phone
Step 4: Recharge to start enjoying smartCONNECT bonuses


Applicable for 90 days on all purchases of data bundles below N5,000.

Airtel Double Data Plan code on an old SIM

1) There isn’t any activation code par say, but subscribers will have to simply dial *144# and press send to check your eligibility.

2) Check the packages and press 1, or 2, or 3 to opt for your preferred data package.

This package also involve 9GB+1GB usable at night for just N2,500, but this isn’t available for everyone. also discovered that while the above packages aren’t for every user, some are still eligible for daily double data promo, which are:

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1) 40MB daily data package for just N50
2) 150MB Airtel daily data for N100
3) 400MB for a duration of 3-day for N200.

To enjoy the above, simply dial *144# just like you did for the weekly Airtel data bundle.

How to know if you’re eligible

Dial *144# to know if you’re qualified. Keep surfing the net while the offer last.

Time based Airtel Data Bundle

Airtel is unarguably one of Glo’s biggest rivals in terms of Data Bundle. wasn’t surprised by its time-based data as well

One good thing about this kind of times based data is: make sure you have strong and reliable internet connection in your location.

To opt for this kind of data plan, you must have at least tried the regular ones.

11) 30 Minutes unlimited internet for N300
Activation code: *439*3#

12) 60 Minutess unlimited internet access for N500
Activation code: *439*4#

13) Night Plan: 12AM-5:59AM unlimited internet access for N1,000
Activation code: *481*2#

14) Weekend data bundle: 12AM(Saturday)-11:59PM(Sunday) 200MB for N200
Activation code: *472#

The one of 500MB is for N500 the same weekend , use *473# as your activation code, time frame as 14 above.

Data Plan Checking Code:

To check your airtel data plan balance, Dail: *140#
Here is the sample of what you get:

“Your Balances are Data: 200MB till 14-May.
Bonus: 15MB till 18-May.
Bonus: 199MB till 14-May.”

To activate Airtel Smart Speedo (for Social)

For instance:
Airtel WhatsApp Plan is N200 for 30 days.
Activation code: *990#

Airtel opera mini plan cost N300 for 30days
Activation code: *885*1# to opt in

If you prefer following the on-the-screen instruction, then dial *141#
Then enter the number that matches your social media

How to contact Airtel Support Centre

Having any challenges?  Check below on how to contact Airtel Support Centre

All telecom operators in Nigeria have standby customer support representatives ready to assist subscribers 24/7, you can use any of the below medium to get across to Airtel to get your issue resolved.

1) By using self-service online portal available on its website:

2) By dialing any of the following numbers: 111, 121, 234-802-150-0111 or 234-802-150-0121 from your Airtel phone.

Upgrade Airtel SIM to 4G LTE and Get FREE 4GB Data

The best is to change to 4G LTE and experience the beauty of smooth video streaming, in this post we’ll show you how to upgrade your Airtel SIM card to 4G LTE and enjoy FREE 4GB of data right away.

What is Airtel 4G LTE?

Let’s break everything down for your understanding:

4G stands for the fourth generation of data technology for cellular networks, as defined by the radio sector of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-R). 4G follows 3G, or the third generation.-tccrocks

LTE: Long Term Evolution

So, what about 4G LTE?

LTE is a 4G wireless communications standard developed by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) that’s designed to provide up to 10x the speeds of 3G networks for mobile devices.” webopedia.

Benefits of Airtel 4G LTE

  • HD video streaming
  • Videos
  • Voice calls
  • Downloading of multiple heavy files
  • HD multimedia content
  • High definition online gaming
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4G LTE Supported Devices

Some of the devices that support 4G LTE include:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Netbooks
  • Notebooks and
  • Wireless hotspots.

Airtel 4G bonus

  • You get 4GB data immediately
  • You will also get 25% bonus on data plans for the next three months

Airtel 4g data plan code

First dial *121# and follow the instructions. If you’re not on the 4G zones or your phone doesn’t support it, you can still enjoy 1.5GB Airtel Data for just 500, Naira.

Airtel 4G SIM Swap Code

  • To swap your current sim card, dial *121#
  • Enter 1 and send
  • You have to check your device compatibility, so enter 1 again and send.
  • If your device is compatible, you’d see a welcome message:

“Your device is 4G LTE compatible. To enjoy Airtel 4G LTE, upgrade to a 4G SIM, buy a data bundle and select 4G on your device settings”

How to move to Airtel 4G LTE:

The question is how to join the Airtel 4G LTE train?

There are two available options for you:

  1. Visit the nearest Airtel office close to you to get a new 4G LTE SIM card
  2. Upgrade your current SIM card to 4G LTE.

Whatever the case is, here is how to get on Airtel 4G

Step 1: Get a 4G SIM, if you haven’t got one. Visit an Airtel Store near you to get a new 4G SIM or Upgrade your SIM to 4G.

Step 2: Get a 4G enabled device

If your phone, MiFi or Dongle is not 4G enabled; please visit an Airtel Store or the nearest phone store to upgrade to a 4G phone. To check if your phone is 4G enabled; simply dial *121# and select 4G services.

Step 3: Ensure that you’re within the Airtel 4G Coverage

How to know if your location is covered by Airtel LTE

To check if you’re within Airtel 4G LTE, go to the telecommunication network coverage and enter your location.

Wrapping Up:

4G LTE in Nigeria is a beautiful thing even though some countries are already on 5G, but we’re hopeful we’ll get there soon.

InfomediaNG final thought:

The effectiveness of any of the above Airtel plans depends largely on how good the telecom’s internet connection (network) is in your area.

If you consistently experience airtel network fluctuations in your area, then opt for other data plan whose service is better.

Opting a data plan without putting into consideration the effectiveness of its network (Service) in your area may amount to waste of time, money, and may possibly bring about frustration.

If Airtel network is good in your area, we can tell you, it’s one of the best telecoms right now in Nigeria in terms of data, even voice call.

Are you using any of its data plans? Share your thoughts with us.

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