How To Start Cassava Farming Business: A 8-Step Guide

Cassava farming is one of the agriculture businesses that is underrated, but research shows that Nigeria has the capacity to generate over $400 in revenue from domestic value. In one of our guides, we extensively explain how to start a profitable plantain farming business, but here, we analyse how you can start a cassava farming … Read more

10 Business Opportunities in Louisiana

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10 Small Business Opportunities in Kansas

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10 Small Business Ideas in Iowa

Starting a business in Iowa is a great decision for entrepreneurs for many reasons. One, there is a low cost of living in the state, according to the US News survey. Two, due in great part to the state’s access to low-cost inputs, Iowa’s agricultural sector has experienced rapid and sustained growth. Are you unsure … Read more

10 Small Business Opportunities in Indiana

Indiana has a large export business and is well-known for its manufacturing. The state provides a balanced environment for business because of its business-friendly legislation and steady economy. With nearly 500,000 small businesses that provide over 1.2 million jobs in the state, The Hoosier State, is home to lots of business opportunities, especially for aspiring entrepreneurs … Read more

10 Business Opportunities in Illinois

Nicknamed The Prairie State, Illinois has over a million small businesses and more are still being conceptualized and launched into the market, thereby easing the pressure that would have been created by the rate of unemployment. According to BLS, the top three dominating sectors by total employment are manufacturing, real estate and rental and leasing, … Read more

10 Small Business Opportunities in Idaho

Idaho is nicknamed “The Gem State” because of its abundance of rare minerals. But the state is also a gem when it comes to the number of business opportunities that can be explored by individuals. For instance, its enviable economic climate, cheap taxes, and well-developed infrastructure are some of the reasons entrepreneurs might want to pick … Read more

10 Small Business Ideas in Delaware for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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10 Business Opportunities to Start in Connecticut

Health and medical insurance, life insurance and annuities and aircraft, engine parts manufacturing are the largest industries by revenue in Connecticut. And as an entrepreneur, you can explore the yet-to-be-fully-tapped business opportunities in the above sectors to start a business around them. Connecticut provides a conducive atmosphere for company growth and has business-friendly economic laws. … Read more

10 Business Ideas You Can Start in Arizona

In recent years, Arizona’s economy has grown rapidly, and this expansion has been both steady and inspiring for the state’s residents. As the population increases, so does the potential customer base for local entrepreneurs. When it comes to conducting business, Arizona is among the top states in the U.S. When it comes to starting a … Read more