20 Lucrative Business Ideas in New Mexico

Business ideas are numerous, which individuals can suitably take advantage of and set up in New Mexico. With a population of 2.1 million (July 2021 statistics), the state has many opportunities. As we have earlier stated, there are various business ideas one can take advantage of. Some of these ideas can be done practically anywhere … Read more

20 Profitable Small Businesses in Utah for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

There are many reasons for entrepreneurs to kickstart their small businesses in Utah. One, there were 313,590 small businesses in the state that was responsible for 606,609 job creations, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration in its 2021 report. Two, several times, the Beehive State was ranked the Best State for Business in the … Read more

20 Low Budget Businesses to Start in Alabama

As of 2021, there were 408,374 small businesses in Alabama. The 24 largest U.S state by population also has 809,024 people employed by small business owners, and small business employees, according to the data on the site of U.S Small Business Administration, Office of Administration. The growing number of small businesses in the 24th largest … Read more

20 Profitable Business Ideas in Kentucky

There are numerous lucrative business ideas in Kentucky to exploit and take advantage of. It is one of the strategically-located states that favor certain businesses, especially distribution and logistics businesses. According to Cabinet for Economic Development (CED), Kentucky ranks as one of the best states for the cost of doing business. The state’s strategic location … Read more