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The documents you need to correct your NIN Data on the NIMC Self-Service Portal

Last updated on May 15th, 2024 at 03:11 am


There have been a lot of changes in how to change your name, modify your date of birth, change of address, and update of your phone number on your NIN data since the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) launched its self-service modification portal.

And of course, the self-service portal by the commission is a testament that face-to-face interface with NIMC officials can be eliminated to reduce the issue of bribery that has bedevilled the organization.

Cost of modification

Cost of NIN modification
  • Change of date of birth: N16,340
  • Change of name: N1,522.5
  • Change of address: N1,522.5
  • Change of phone number: N1,522.5

Here are the requirements for each issue you are facing and the step-by-step guide on how to make changes to your data on your National Identity Number (NIN).


Change of Name

Change of name may be necessary for the following reasons:

  • Marital status
  • Rearrangement of your name
  • Change in name because of faith (most times, new converts bear new names or include net names)

Whatever the case, here are the required documents to change your name on your NIN data:

  • Sworn Affidavit
  • Newspaper extract
  • Marriage certificate (for married ladies)
  • Any government-backed means ID such as a Voter’s Card, Driver’s Licence, International Passport etc.
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Date of birth

The documents you will need to have the correct date of birth on your NIN are:

  • Digitalize NPC attestation certificate (if you were born before 1992)
  • Digitalize NPC birth certificate (if you’re born after 1992)
  • You can apply for NPC attestation and birth certificate on the National Population Commission website or check our guide on how to obtain a birth attestation certificate online on NPC portal.

Change of phone number


Don’t add a zero to your phone number if you’re using the international dialling code (+234) to prevent double zeros in front of your phone number.


  • Correct: +2348067024054
  • Wrong: +23408067024054

If you use the wrong sample, you will most likely have 008067024054, which will return as an error or lead to the invalidation of your data.

Instead of going this route, it is better to retrieve your phone number at any of the branch offices of your telecom provider. Although you will also need a police report, which is not free, you will not have to pay your telecom provider to get this done.

Going through the NIN route will make you pay for a police report and also pay for change of number on the NIMC self-service portal.

Change of address

If you’re in a rented apartment, it’s better to use your permanent home address in your home town. In case you still want to change the address on your NIN, here are the documents required:

  • Utility Bill. You can download a copy of your power bill.
  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Attestation letter from your community leader
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Using the NIMC self-service portal

After getting all the required documents, you can then proceed to the self-service portal.

  • Register an account on the self-service portal via:
  • Enter your name and the phone number linked to your NIN
  • Your face will be used for validation, follow the guidelines and proceed
  • Navigate to your dashboard and select date of birth modification or the applicable change among the options.
  • Complete the payment for the modification securely via Paystack.
  • After payment, input your NPC certificate number and validate it. 
  • Your date of birth will be automatically filled and non-editable.
  • Then upload your NPC certificate along with any required supporting documents.
  • Submit your modification request and preview the adjustments.
  • Check the attestation box before submitting your request.
  • Receive your modification transaction slip promptly on the modification table.
  • Upon approval, receive a notification, and your NIN slip will be dispatched to your email.

NOTE: If you would like to have a copy of the slip, there is the option to print it directly from your dashboard.


Do I still need to visit NIMC office to make changes to my data?

With this latest update, you may not need to visit NIMC office any more. You can make changes to your NIN data at the comfort of your home using an internet-enabled mobile phone.

How much is NIN modification?

Date of birth modification is N16, 500

Other modification is N500

Can licensed agents handle NIN modification?

According to the commission, NIMC licensed agents are not permitted to engage in DOB modification or any other forms of modification.

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How long does it take for the change to reflect?

For change of date of birth, it takes 24 hours or 48 maximum, if you followed the process.

Why NIMC portal is showing payment in dollars?

It is most likely you are using a VPN to access the self-service portal. Turn off your VPN and try again.

How can I download physical copy of my NIN card?

Download the NIMC mobile app and safe a copy on your phone, which can printed.

Can I use manual NPC certificate for date of birth?

No, if it was an old birth certificate before 1992, do birth attestation

Do I still need to use NIN on NPC portal since my NIN data is not correct?

Use your correct date of birth

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