Hex Team Offered Me 10BTC Bribe – Andreas Antonopoulos Claims

Last updated on April 14th, 2023 at 12:32 pm

  • Andreas Antonopoulos claims that the 10BTC was to show that ERC20 Token isn’t a scam
  • I’ve been offered 10BTC to do an interview about HEX to show that it is not a scam, he claims in a tweet

A cryptocurrency advocate Andreas Antonopoulos has spoken on how Hex Team offered a bribe of 10 bitcoin for him to promote their token for an interview. In the current price index, 10BTC is $117,637.61 US dollar

He stated this in a tweet, “I’ve been offered 10BTC to do an interview about HEX to show that it is not a scam.

“I was not asked to disclose the payment. Draw your own conclusions. This announcement is free,” he said.


Before now, HEX has been battling with persistent allegations while the proponents of the new coin have been pushing for aggressive marketing to gain potential investors’ trust.

Hex is an ERC20 token launched on the Ethereum network in December 2019 and it is intended to be a store of value.

The coin is also designed to leverage off the emerging defi ecosystem in cryptocurrencies within the Ethereum network.

Antonopolous’ tweet has sparked reactions on the social media and among cryto analysts across the World about the authenticity of Hex.

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One of the Twitter users, Gucci said he knew that Hex would not be anything different from YAMS which saw its Market Cap falls from $60M to zero in 35 minutes on August 13, 2020, according to coindesk.

 “You guys just saw what happened with YAMS, do you really think HEX will be any different? It’s just an ERC-20 token,” Gucci tweeted.

Another user was quick to correct the impression that YAM was a scam saying, “What happened with YAM started with a software bug that it wouldn’t have had if the devs had audited the code and got it fixed before release. Hex happens to have 3 audits. Had nothing to do with it being an ERC-20 token.”

While some believe that Hex was actually out to rid people off their hard-earned money, those who believed in the project claimed that the token as done more lots of other coins to show that is isn’t a scam as claimed by Antonopoulos.

One of the supporters of the troubled new token is Allen Hena stating categorically that Hex isn’t a scam.

“Unless it was Richard himself, not sure what this proves. I could offer you 100 BTC right now.

“This seems like an attack on HEX honestly. I have my free claim HEX amount, which isn’t anything to bag defend but I’d say HEX has done more than others to prove it isn’t a scam.”

Allen questioned Antonopoulos why he singled out hex in his tweet which he described as demarketing gimmicks.

“I think the way Andreas positioned this is dubious. I am sure he gets reached out to all the time with offers.

“I didn’t see much commentary on YAM or all these YFI-forks. Why single out HEX? When there’s more auditing and review than other projects he’s silent on,” he said.

The latest tweet by one of the leading voices in the crypto industry will certainly affect the price of hex in the market.

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Recall that the token last peaked in May in 2020 when the price surged to $0,006135 giving Hex a total market capitalisation of $968.8 million.

As Hex battles opponents, the price of the token has been dropping since July 29, from $0.0061 to $0.002559 at the time of this report.

It’s believed that Antonopolous’ comments would add to the woes of the hex in the incoming days.

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