IETLS As A Model For Combating Exam Malpractice In Nigeria

The role of examinations in the development of students cannot be undermined. Well organized examinations could in no small measure counter the belief by some quarters that, ‘Examination is not the true test of knowledge’.

One of the foremost test of competence in the language of English is the International English Language System IETLS .The English Language Testing Service (ELTS), as IELTS was then known, was launched in 1980 by Cambridge English Language Assessment (then known as UCLES) and the British Council. Test tasks were intended to reflect the use of language in the ‘real world’.

Moreso, this test could be taken for general purposes like for relocation like Canada Express Entry, Permanent resident , Provincial Nominations to mention but a few. Another reason for taking such an exam is for academic purposes to universities abroad who require a good grade in it for a student to be given a space in their citadel of learning.

Furthermore , IETLS comes in four phases, the speaking, the listening, reading and writing. The band is from 0-9 and it cuts across  the four aforementioned  aspects.

A good grade gives one a better chance of being successful in your pursuit either for academic or general purposes.

 In addition one of the pivotal parts of this exam is the manner in which it is organized.

The organizers properly check and scrutinize people who take this test by ensuring that your only form of identity is your international or local passport, cameras are stationed in strategic places to avoid exam malpractices.

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In terms of writing materials, provisions are made at the venue and no conversion between those taking this exam, any conversation must be directed to any invigilator.

No phones, handkerchiefs but what you are able to remember and deliver on your own without any external help.

Results are released in 13 days and the fate of the individual who wrote the exam is known without any delay depending on the reason behind the writing of the test. 

Proper preparation in terms of studying well, knowing the techniques, being time conscious and being confident, eloquent, knowledgeable and having a sound mind.  

IETLS examination

Exam malpractices have become a menace to the development of the educational system in Nigeria.

The need to combat this nightmare is for the government and all other relevant educational bodies  such as JAMB,WAEC ,primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in Nigeria to take a cue from the organizers of IETLS and proffer a lasting solution to eradicate anomalies in the organization of exams in this great Nation.

The government of Nigeria should invest and budget more  to the educational system in terms of  proper organization and also the basic amenities and manpower to improve the standard of education.


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