Xenophobia in South Africa: Julius Malema speaks against killing of Nigerians

  • Nigerians are our brothers
  • Stop seld hatred, he tells South Africans

Few days ago, some Nigerians suffered more violence in South Africa that brought anger to different parts of the country.

Making comments on the issue, Julius Malema, leader of one of South Africa’s leading political parties, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) is displeased with the situation and called for unity while speaking at his party’s Western Cape Manifesto launch in Capetown last weekend.

According to Malema, it is untrue that foreigners were taking South Africans’ jobs.

“Stop your self hatred. Stop attacking our brothers and sisters from Africa. We are one… Even if we expel them tomorrow, you will still not get a job.

There are no jobs in South Africa because the whites have refused to invest money in South Africa.

They’ve got too many savings in the bank. They’ve got trillions in the bank. They’ve refused to take them out and build industries. There is no Nigerian who’s got an industry and hired Nigerians only.

There is no Zimbabwean who’s got a farm who hired Zimbabweans. It is your white people who hired Zimbabweans and pay them low, so that you can fight among yourselves as Africans. See them for what they are.” Julius Malema said.

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The outspoken politician said his country is one for all and called for an end to xenophobic violence.

“They are causing division among Africans. Don’t glorify these borders saying there is Nigeria, Zimbabwe etc. These borders were never here, they were imposed on us by the whites who wanted to divide Africa and do what they want in this continent.

 I’m ashamed today to call myself a South-African. You are beating blacks, slaughtering Africans… I’ve never seen you doing that to a Chinese, Indian or a white person who doesn’t have papers.

But because white people taught you to hate yourselves, once they say it’s an African, you kill all the Africans. Stop that nonsense. It ends today. We must unite as Africans.”

African nationals have been targeted in the country and most of them are sent to their untimely grave. Many have seen their businesses looted and properties burnt down.

According to reports, in the last three years, over 110 Nigerians have been attacked and killed by South Africans.

On January 20, it was made known that a mob destroyed four shops and several houses belonging to Nigerians at Krugersdorp, near Joha.


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