Obasanjo at 82: 20 most ridiculous birthday messages Nigerians sent to Obasanjo

Born on 5 March 1937, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, Nigeria’s former leader celebrated his 82nd birthday March 5, 2019, his former vice, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar joined other Nigerians sent the former president a birthday message.

“A very happy 82nd birthday to you, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. No living Nigerian has given as much to Nigeria in peacetime and in war as you have. May almighty God grant you many more years in good health and continued service to Nigeria and the world at large.”

Below is the compilation of 20 most ridiculous birthday messages Nigerians sent to Obasanjo at 82

@osquare78: “No Nigerian has also stolen as much as both of you have…….. Finally, Nigeria has been rescued from both of you.”

@muhsin234: “You should also thank him for being a prolific writer. One of his most widely read books, “My Watch” has ‘helped’ your political life a lot. You cannot thank him enough for dedicating a chapter to you. Best wishes.”

@temodent: “Buhari’s re-election is the greatest gift to Chief Olusegun Obasanjo on his 82nd Birthday. I pray he lives longer to see Nigeria taken to the Next Level by PMB.”

@MusaDona1: “As he gets older by the day, please remind him about our 16b power project.”

@OmoEyero: “This message from Atiku to Baba Obj shows truly that there is no permanent friends in politics but permanent interest. Despite all those unprintable names baba called Atiku! Nevertheless the Nigerians people didn’t need baba’s services again. O TO GE OMO LEVI. E LO FEHINTI”

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Ibraheem Umar Sani: “Grandfather of corruption! We don’t mind whether you’re 100yrs or whatsoever, the latest is you must bring back our $16b dollars”

Royal Chiboss: “Obasanjo is 82 and the junior sister is 90years old is God not wonderful”

Ayuba Chul: “$16B on my mind. When Buhari said the journey to the level will be tough, I can picture Obj in that rough ride…”

Saturday Nwisane: “The man has been unusually quiet since Buhari was announced winner of the February 23rd presidential poll. Something tells me that the Owu chief (Obasanjo ) has been finally demystified. All the same, we wish him Happy Birthday.”

Babangida A Adamu Kumta: “The grand master of corruption wishes you to live long to withnes Buhari’s achievement and to answer how you spent the $16 Billions for power and where is the power.”

Adams Suleiman: “Happy birthday chief obasanjo. God bless your age. If not for anything, this year election has expose how light weight you are”

Aliyu Suleiman Lengtu: “And no living Nigerian has told us the truth about you and your lifestyle like Olusegun Obasanjo. He said, we shouldn’t trust you with our national treasury and assets. Happy birthday Chief Olusegun Obasanjo,wish you more strength and willingness to reveal more about the bad eggs in the country.”

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Umar Adamu Mai Soda: “2 destroyers, killers,liers and thuggery,you and him are destroying our nation,thank god for Buhari he’s the one save our Nation.”

Suleiman Kawuwa: “While wishing OBJ HBD. Nigerians are dare asking for the $16b power project, since there is no power in your time give back Nigerians money.”

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Sirdy Egom: “happy birthday the man that have put this country in boundege, shading of blood everywhere, the way u fought Johnathan writing letters upon letters to him, at the end u helped in rigging the election, change over government and brought in your Friend fellow General, today there is hunger, economic is at the zero level, killing all allover, someone should tell OBJ, U will pay for the blood of the innocent Nigerians.”

Odunayo Emmanuel Adewuni: “Atiku is making some errors cos Obj is one of the destiny wreckers arround him.Obj is the person who shattered his dream”

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Abubakar Umar: “What do you think will happen when Onnoghen is not suspended from our judiciary? By now,Atiku would have been declared the winner. God’s plan is the best than yours!”

@teslaz68: “Given much to Nigeria indeed…the man has taken much from Nigeria. Nigeria trained him, feed him, paid for his children schools and upkeep, established a farm for him and still paying salary till death. Upon that, due to his greedy nature, he stole from Nigeria.”

Hakanbee Thaiyea Ahameed: “Where is power and where is the money?


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