Ethereum: Opaybinary Investment Scheme Folds Up With Millions of Naira Belonging to Investors

Last Updated on February 1, 2021 by Ope Quadri

Thousands of Nigerians have taken to Facebook to lament over their inability to access opaybinary investment dashboard, a platform that promised them 2.2% daily interest.

A sane business or investment will never promise you a 66% monthly interest rate on your investment, 2.2% is 66% per month

The scam investment scheme was launched in early June 2020, it promised Nigerians that they would get 2.2% daily interest on their investment, amounting to over 60% interest per month.

The company promised investors that they would trade ethereum on a popular trading platform and share 2.2% of profit with investors.

The maximum investment was pegged at 100, 000 while the minimum was 10, 000, 30% is deducted from every deposit as “service charge.

Depositors could only fund their accounts by ethereum.

What is Opaybinary?

With its similarity to Nigeria’s popular payment app, Opay, research by our team showed that it isn’t in any way affiliated to Opay mobile App.

It describes itself as, “An online community of expert binary options traders and investors,” which claims that you could “earn a minimum of 2.2% daily compound interest on your investment“.

It also promised to pay 20% as referral commission to its existing customers, promising that investors don’t have anything to lose, “Withdraw both capital and accumulated interest any time you want”.

Most times, investment scams impersonate a genuine business name to create the impression that they’re affiliated to the legitimate one.

Opaybinary encouraged investors to get ethereum wallet

Initially, the platform’s means of deposit was using one of the payment apps in Nigeria (OPay Mobile Wallet) and suddenly announced that it was switching to cryptocurrency, stating that it’d be more convenient for investors to fund their accounts through ethereum.

OPay Mobile Wallet details of the Operator isOluwafemi James Ogunleye 07043839204“, one of the duped investors told InfomediaNG

Making the announcement on its Facebook page on July 27, 2002, Opaybinary ethereum investment platform states:

“Hello everyone, it’s been a while since we made our last post here, this is largely because most of the issues that we would have wanted to communicate to you about are addressed daily via our email and Facebook chat channels.

“We honestly hope that the experience so far has been a good one, if there have been any complications so far on your part or any recurring difficulties kindly use the comment section as we will readily attend to you as always.

“Over the last few days, our payment gateway has given us more than enough reasons to decide against continuing with them, we believe most of you who just joined recently have had to make deposits in bits just to be able to complete your transactions and we honestly cannot have that, so as a result of this we have decided to implement the use of cryptocurrency for our services.

“This message is meant to inform you that you are expected to own an Ethereum wallet and update the address on your Opaybinary dashboard, this is as a result of our need to ensure that you get the best services, exactly what you deserve,” it says.

Opaybinary folds up with investors’ millions of naira

On August 1, one of the investors who doesn’t want to be mentioned told InfomediaNG that he couldn’t access his dashboard or make a withdrawal on the official portal

“Opaybinary are scammers nobody should invest his/her money with them if you check your dashboard you will notice that you can deposit but they blocked the withdrawal page every one of us here should tag them a scam,” says Gozie Eze.

Meanwhile, reports we just received from some of the investors say the official portal of the scheme isn’t accessible any longer, a possible indication that opaybinary has folded up.

Why cryptocurrency scam is on the rise

Opaybinary investment isn’t the first cryptocurrency scam in Nigeria, there are more than five of such operating right now in Nigeria, Inksnation is one of them.

On why the cryptocurrency is popular among excited crypto enthusiasts in Nigeria, news.bitcoin attributed the phenomenon to greed and ignorance.

It must also be noted that this isn’t peculiar to Nigeria. It’s like that all over the world, most especially at the time when the upward price of bitcoin has forced the value of other coins to wake up from their slumber.

Just recently, over 100 members of the biggest crypto scam, PlusToken Project were arrested in China, investors had lost several billions of US dollars.

For instance, at the time of this report, btc is trading at over $11, 000 USD while ETH which was hovering round $200 USD a few months ago is now trading at $388 USD, according to the latest cryptocurrency price at the time of this update, Tuesday, August 4, 2020 (1500).

How much did Nigerians lose in opaybinary investment scheme?

It may be difficult to say the specific amount Nigerians have put into the scheme, but due to greediness, monies running into millions of naira may have been lost because of the fake-sweet interest rate.

Most investors may have left their deposits and interest in the scheme because of the expected high interest on investment.

Final thought:

Opaybinary runs several campaigns including publications on social media platforms and Google Ads, but InfomediaNG can confirm that the platform is a smart refined MMM scheme.

We understand that some Nigerians invested as much as N100, 000, hoping to get 2.2% interest daily, this post may not stop the scheme, it’s aimed at getting you enlightened on the ploy of online fraudsters who exploit individuals hiding under cryptocurrency.

Note that any individual or company that offers to pay 2.2% daily interest can NEVER be real. A sane business or investment will never promise you a 66% monthly interest rate on your investment, 2.2% is 66% per month.

If money could be doubled easily as claimed by the guys behind the scheme, everyone would have been rich by now.



6 thoughts on “Ethereum: Opaybinary Investment Scheme Folds Up With Millions of Naira Belonging to Investors”

  1. It’s so annoying that Nigerians has made us not to know the better investment to join, u can imagine opaybinary is not up to two months they have run away with people’s hard earned money in this recession that everything is hard, I invested with them on 15th of July and now this is the story am hearing, God in heaven will punish them

    1. Hi Glory, How much did invest in opaybinary? Kindly share the ethereum address with us or the account you paid into so as to alert the general public about it.

    2. I opine that you do thorough research before investing.
      Not all investments are bad,but you need to be financially intelligient before you do anyone.
      Do Stocks or real estate or just save money for the long term in an FDIC insured savings account.

  2. God Knows that I was going to stupidly put my savings there so he made the age limit to be 18.
    Anyways,I already predicted their “Shut-down” beforehand due to two reasons:
    1)The reach was low
    2)They were Scammers
    But I still wanted to try them out.
    My Advice to people who identify speculative investments:
    Try to verify if it’s done globally or not.
    Limit your asset class to stocks,bonds,Real estate or Cryptocurrency or any Renowned ones that has been around for some “YEARS”.
    God be with you all.

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