What Are The Three Organs of Government?


Also known as the branches or organs of government, the legislature, executive, and judiciary make up a democratic government.

Individually, their functions define what a democratic country is. I say this because a military government doesn’t have what can be called a legislature, the military makes and execute the law, and usually dictate to the judiciary the direction of justice. We’ll come back to this discussion in another topic.

What are the 3 organs of government?

In our definition of government, we say government is a structure that controls the affairs of a country. The affairs of government are carried out by the organs of government, they are:

  • The legislature
  • The executive
  • The judiciary

What are their roles?

The legislative organ basically makes laws for the affairs of a country.

While the legislature makes laws, another branch of government ensures the implementation or execution of the law, they are called the executive arm of government

There may be some discrepancies in law implementation, even in the generality of the law, another arm of government is there to settle disputes that may arise from the roles of the legislature and Executive arms.

The government of a country or state performs its functions through the effectiveness of the organs of government mentioned here.


Sometimes, there could be an overlap in their functions. In another part of this discussion, we will comprehensively delve into the functions of each of the arms of government.

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There is no democratic government without the presence of organs of government. When this happens, such a government can be described as an autocratic or military government.

Even in a democratic government where the executive doesn’t allow the legislature to independently carry out its roles, or it influences the decision of the judiciary, the main flavor of a democratic society may be lost.

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