8 Efficient Ways to Save Money on Gas

Last updated on August 6th, 2023 at 08:06 am


Various factors, such as the war between Russia and Ukraine have been pushing the prices of gas upwards in recent times.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), drivers paid an average of $3.65 per gallon in November 2022, which is 25 cents more than the same period last year.

At the time of this publication, the national average of gas in the US was $3.546. A lot of factors push the price back and forth.

Gas Price in California United States

Irrespective of how expensive the price of gas is, there are some strategies car owners in the United States can employ to save money on gas.

Ways to Spend Less on Gas in the US

It takes a lot to own and maintain a car. One of the core expenses you must keep servicing is fueling, and it can be strenuous when prices keep going up.

And while you can’t influence the costs of gas at the pump, you can implement certain strategies to save money and ease the unnecessary financial pressure.

Cash Over Card At Gas Stations

It is easy to bring out your card to make payments anytime you visit a gas station. Nevertheless, if you want to be financially prudent when it comes to saving on gas, then you should meticulously observe that many times, you pay several cents extra when paying with cards compared to cash.

In several big gas stations across the US, the lowest price usually available is cash-only.

In many cases, the difference between cash and credit card prices for fuel in gas stations can be nothing less than 7 cents per gallon.

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It is however understandable why these stations typically charge more for card purchases.

Remember that they too are charged by banks and credit card providers each time a transaction is executed. But when a customer is paying with cash, they won’t have to incur these charges.

Apart from the charges, even if you will be using your credit card at a gas station, you must take precautions to avoid falling prey of card skimmers at gas stations which were once prevalent in Florida in a few other states.

Therefore, to encourage consumers to prioritize cash over cards, there are usually discounts accorded to cash purchases.

Hence, in such a time as this where we must pay more for gas, you should consciously patronize gas stations with cash.

Be Smarter When Behind The Wheels

By being smarter with driving, you will be amazed at what you will save every time. You should learn to drive more patiently, sticking to the appropriate speed limit.

Aside from the fact that these practices ensure safety as you drive, they are also cost-efficient and will help you save reasonable amounts of fuel.

Also, you should spend less time idling, since it also takes a great deal on gas.

If you are trying to be mindful of gas consumption and usage, then when next you are in a very long line, you should simply switch off your car to save fuel rather than idling.

Use Gas App

Furthermore, in a case where you are trying to look around for the cheapest gas available around you, you should deal smartly by making use of a good gas app rather than burning more fuel by having to drive around.

For instance, you can make use of a famous app like GasBuddy that has a reputation when it comes to accurately comparing nearby gas prices.

Take Advantage Of the Gas Rewards Program

Getting cash back on gas is really another core way to save money on gas in the United States.

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There are cards where you can earn back a certain percentage on gas purchases, though there are usually terms and conditions attached to these things.

However, as much as this sounds so nice, you should always check out the terms properly and be sure it is worth it.

A reward credit card could come with recurring yearly fees, and you should also consider the fact that your card can accumulate great interest if you failed to pay on time.

Additionally, you can join a grocery store rewards program. There are several ones with a gas rewards program all around us since various gas stations usually partner with them to provide their customers with a good discount when purchasing gas.

And while various grocery stores operate in different ways, these reward programs usually work similarly.

After signing up for the rewards program, let’s say you then decide to spend around $50 at the store, you may just earn up to 7 cents of fuel discount when you patronize a gas station they are partnering with.

Using fuel-efficient route

Intelligence revolving around driving can really help save a good measure of fuel every day and week.

Before setting off, you should strive to figure out (and settle) important stuff like where, when, and how you are going to drive.

Try to think about a more fuel-efficient route you can take to arrive at your destination, and if there is a possibility to drive during non-rush hour periods.

Public transport

Have you thought about utilizing public transportation (or even bikes) to move around on certain days of the week?

If you are always going to work, think about carpooling with some of your coworkers too. If you are more strategic with your movements, you will indeed be amazed by how much you will save every week on transporting yourself from one place to the other.

If you are usually moving, give great priority to carpooling and combining trips. Carpooling won’t only help the health of your own vehicle, but you will also be able to save up to 50 per cent of your weekly gas expenses.

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In the same vein, as you combine trips rather than taking numerous short drives, you reduce fuel consumption significantly.

Reduce AC Use

We appreciate the warm weather in the United States. However, during summer, it can be bad for fuel economy.

Many of us have to always use air-conditioning when driving. AC usage when driving remains the biggest contributor to fuel wastage. Hence, there are times when you should simply enjoy the fresh air and just roll your windows down.

If you can’t cope with the heat and must make use of the AC, you can optimize the temperature and fan settings, and try to use it only when you are driving at highway speeds.  

Avoid Excess Vehicle Weight

The heavier a vehicle, the more gas it saps, and vice versa, according to Auto Blog . For every 100 pounds of excess weight in your vehicle, fuel efficiency drops too.

Therefore, if there are unnecessary removable things in your vehicle, you can take them out if you can really do without them and make your car as light as possible.


Like several other commodities, gas prices fluctuate, and it is observed already that they are cheaper on certain days of the week – particularly Mondays and Fridays in the US.

Trends have exposed how Mondays have been consistent in being the cheapest day of the week, and you can position yourself to visit the gas station only on such days, and you will end up saving a few bucks doing this too.

If you want to save more money on fuel, then you have to be meticulous in your approach to the usage of your vehicle.

You will be greatly amazed that the seemingly little things we ignore can influence a whole lot of things.

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