Secrets of how Nigerian hotel waiters, waitresses scam customers revealed (Gimba Kakanda shares experience)

Secrets of how Nigerian hotel waiters, waitresses scam customers revealed (Gimba Kakanda shares experience)
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Top secrets of how waiters and waitresses in some of the Nigerian hotels dupe their customers have been revealed on Twitter on Tuesday, February 4, 2020.

The discussion was inspired by a public affairs analyst Gimba Kakanda who shared his experience at an unnamed hotel in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

He said:

Abuja waiters and waitresses scam customers. They present incomplete bills, and come to say they missed a drink or two in your bill. So, they suggest you pay that in cash, that’s if your previous payment was via POS. This goes to their pockets. Took me a while to figure this out.

I went to Woks and Koi restaurant at Silverbird. When our bill came the waiter said the POS was faulty, and asked me to transfer to his account. I refused. I used the ATM, then I observed he inflated our bill. This embarrassment happened in the company of a non-Nigerian friend.

The Chinese owner of the restaurant tried to establish the fact of what transpired, and the Nigerian man posing as manager played it down, and told her it’s a minor error, obviously shielding the waiter. I told the owner everything, and it turned out the POS wasn’t even faulty.

A few days ago at Silk Road, a Chinese restaurant at Sinoki House, the waitress came with our bill, and returned to say she missed the tea in the bill presented. I asked for the POS, she said it stopped working, and that I should just pay cash. They’re destroying food businesses.

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Other Nigerians who had been victims of waiter and waitresses also shared their horrible experience.

A Twitter user Johnson Nwosu said a waiter inflated his bill when he drunk at an hotel in Ebonyi state.

“I was drunk in a lounge in Abakaliki, they gave me a bill of 16k, I knew they inflated it but I was too high to argue, I left with the bill then returned the next day and they said my bill was 11k. I don’t pay when I’m drunk.”

Chiyenlom who once lodged at a Benin hotel said she had similar experience in the past saying, “I experienced this at Edo heritage hotel last November. After paying with POS, we were asked to pay about 1k in cash for water.

Have been scammed by waiter and waitress before? Share your experience with us.

“I was told the bill for water is paid differently. Afterwards, I kept wondering why the water bill is paid differently in such a big hotel.”

What’s your experience with Nigerian hotel if you’ve ever used one? Share it with us.



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