How I Slept with 300 ladies in One Night – Zimbabwean man

Last Updated on November 5, 2019 by Ope Quadri

  • He claimed that eating banana regularly is one of the sources of his power
  • Tendamudzimu said he was inspired by his father who had 4  wives
Tendamudzimu slept with 300 women
Photo Credit: maravipost

Strange things happen, and sometimes you stuff that makes you ask: “Are you serious? That’s exactly how to describe a Zimbabwean man known as Tendamudzimu who claimed that he slept with over 300 women in one single night.

Tendamudzimu also claimed that he ejaculated in all the 300 times.

Tendamudzimu who revealed the secret behind his sexual prowess said four products are his sources of power.

He said he had regularly been consuming Maheu, bananas, peanuts and raw eggs.

“My father is my inspiration,” he said.

“My father had 45 wives and 126 children. I was his favourite in all of them and he shared his secret with me.

“I’ve been using it ever since and I’m glad it’s working much better than I had anticipated.”

Tendamudzimu also claimed that all the 300 women have been coming for more ever since they tasted his “cucumber.”


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