7 Things To Know About Dating Thick African Woman

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There are several thick African women across the continent, from Ghana to Nigeria and Cameroon, African is blessed with women who are endowed.

Dating An African Thick Woman

Men have always gone crazy for the thickest of women with the perfect curves,specifically now that curvy women who have embraced their African curves and look fly in it are focused on immensely the trend of this days so technically you hear a ton of men rave about needing a ”thickum” to satisfy their deepest dreams and desires blessed with front and back

Seven Things To Know About Dating Thick African Woman

They like food:

  • She will get fatter by the time she gives birth:
  • She will never be slim:
  • Get ready for chubby children:
  • Most Outfits will make her look hot
  • Her fave style is probably cowgirl

However, there are certain things men need to keep in mind when dating that curvy African woman:

They like food:

Maintaining that thick body is a lot of expensive food and most of these ladies don’t joke with their meals, therefore you want a thick lady, kindly feed her.

She will get fatter by the time she gives birth:

Instead of focusing on the now, kindly focus on the future of that thick body and voluptuous shape, imagine double of that body, can you live with that, if not kindly find yourself a slimmer queen

She will never be slim:

If you know that you like slim women or have imaginations of a slim woman being your wife, kindly head over to the pool of all slim women and make your pick because thick women don’t get slimmer by the year and cannot automatically become slim because you asked that is why it is called thick.

Get ready for chubby children:

Everyone loves chubby babies, however, the struggle of getting them outfits is on another level,if you are not thinking about having fat or chubby children, kindly leave that thick queen alone.

Most Outfits will make her look hot:

Thickness is a blessing especially if you are blessed in the right places, so your regular shirt that your ex slim girlfriend wore to buy something at the supermarket will probably cause tons of attention for your thick girlfriend.

They are blessed with a body that makes every outfit looks good.

Forget about carrying her on your wedding day:

This can only work if you have a ton of strength, if you are unfortunately slim and wimpy, just forget this fantasy and focus on enjoying your wedding in peace without any damages.

Her fave style is probably cowgirl:

She probably would love to do all the work while you watch everything else jiggle to the beat.

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