What To Know About Fishmeal for Poultry (Chicken and Turkey)

This is the process of measuring the number of ingredients needed to form a single diet for poultry that contains all the necessary nutrients they require. Feed alone takes about 65%-75% of total production expenses in poultry farming, thus a slight mistake in feed formulation may lead to a big loss for the poultry farmer. … Read more

How To Start Chicken Farming Business in Nigeria


There are some businesses we underate, but they do bring in cool cash to complement sources of capital. The chicken farming business is one of them. Disclaimer: Due to the hyperinflation in Nigeria, the price of products or broilers in this guide may have increased by more than 70%. We urge you to check the … Read more

30 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online and Offline

SMEs Nigeria infomediaNG

There are hundreds of legitimate ways to make money online but we’re going to dwell more on only just 30 of them, which are practicable in Nigeria. More than 70% of the money-making tips you’ll find here has been tested and proven to work, while some of them are based on inspiration we got from … Read more