Photo of Craig Sellars, the Co-founder of Tether Stablecoin

Craig Sellars, Co-founder of Tether Stablecoin


Craig is a Blockchain innovator and a co-founder of stablecoin, NFTs, and Tether. He is also a member of Omni Foundation, where he uses Omni Protocol to allow users to create and trade smart-contract-based properties and currencies on top of Bitcoin’s blockchain.

He was an advisor to between April 2017 to 2018, before joining OmniBOLT (Basis of Lightning Technology) as the company’s technology advisor.

OmniBOLT is the world’s first stablecoin (on Omnilayer) circulation specification for Lightning Network.


With her colleagues – Brock Pierce and Reeve Collins – Craig co-founded Tether.

Craig Sellars graduated from Georgia State University – J. Mack Robinson College of Business and graduated with an MBA in International Entrepreneurship in 2004.

He obtained a BSc in Computer Science in 2002 at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Currently, Craig sits on the board of many blockchain projects, technologies, and firms interested in decentralization of the financial space.

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