How to Enjoy Your Stay in Paris, France

Want to know more about French capital city? Here are few things to help your stay in Paris.

Paris is a nation foreigners hold in high esteem because of its culture, ranging from it’s assorted food and wine, affluent ethnic life, known for it’s collection of antiques, outstanding shopping experience especially in fashion and attractive scenery.

The Inter Nations 2018 Foreigner Insider survey rated it 34th out of 68 countries with 40% of foreigners who took part in the survey said they intended to live in Paris till end of time. The Quality Of Life Index, also scored it highly, with the position of 19th out of 68 countries.

The most demanding thing about Paris is studying the language. Thinking of relocating to Paris? Be prepared to learn the language as fast as possible. The country has some custom and judicial decision that are verbal, which must be adhered to by everyone.

How to enjoy your stay in Paris, France

In one of our posts, we discussed some of the things you need to understand before relocating to U.K, in this post here are the things that will make you enjoy your stay in Pais:

  • Understand launch
  • Dress Style
  • Greetings
  • Railway Regulations
  • Regular Meetings
  • Bill payment
  • Parisians Kiss
  • Ready to play host

Get Ready For Lunch

In this city there’s a compulsory two hours break between 12:00 – 2:00 PM for everyone. You will need to adjust to this culture. At this time of the day, all activities are halted for lunch and rest (Nap).

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You will have to adjust to these timing. Most importantly people also network over lunch. You are not expected to eat on the streets especially while walking around.

Dress Style

Their fashion style usually stands out be it business or not. It is expected that your dress should match the type of engagement you will be having.

It has to be elegant and correlate with everything you wear. The men frequently wear jacket.

Greet The Shop Keeper

I bet you’re stunned, especially if you are one of those who just walk by people with out saying hello. In this society courtesy demands you must greet when you walk into a place, Bonjour! To the shop keeper.

Paris was founded on liberty, equality and fraternity as such people are treated with high esteem and politeness.

Heed To Railway Regulations

The railway system in Paris has standard regulations that must be heed to by everyone. Over four million Parisians use the railway daily.

There are substantial sanctions for defaulters. Study those regulations to avoid being sanctioned.

Regular Meetings

The Parisians have strong belief in the culture and traditions. As a foreigner, when attending a business function get all your facts together because they usually indulge in public meetings to discuss matters of public interest. Sometimes the end of the meeting may require voting.

Pay Your Bills

During outings you are expected to pay your part of the bills. If you are eating out on social or work lunch in Paris the bills are split among you for payment. Be fair enough to eat wisely.

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Parisians Kiss

Want to enjoy your stay in Paris? You have to learn her greeting culture. It is a tradition to greet each other warmly with a kiss on the cheek irrespective of the gender involved. With handshake be moderate and soft with it.

Be A Host

Be it formal or informal relationship it has to be sealed with great cuisine and a touch of wine. Whenever you play host to anyone, that has to be reciprocated.

The gathering would be incomplete without bringing a gift along with flowers and chocolates.

Take time to digest all these tips for a warmth stay in France, Bonjour!


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