France Visa Information for Nigerians – Visa Requirements and How to Apply

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Without an iota of doubt, France is obviously one of the most important countries not only in Europe, but in the world at large. In this guide, we’ll go into full details all you need to know about France Visa.

The country is bordered by 6 countries and is one of the prominent countries with superb scenery.

It’s not surprising that tons of people from various places in the world keeps trooping in there for tourism purposes.


Paris is the capital of France and French is the official language being spoken there. And of course, English is also popular in the country!

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It is possible to travel to France from Nigeria without much issues. This article will give you some necessary information that will make your dreams of getting to France come to pass.

Applying for a France Visa

France is actually a member state of the Schengen area and so, to get there, travellers would need a Schengen Visa.

Here is a list of the different types of Schengen visas.

Visa Types Processing Time Validity Multiple Entry

• Business Visa: Processing Time is 15 days, while the Validity is 180 days.

• Tourism Visa: Processing Time is 15 days, while the Validity is 180 days

• Invitation Visa: Processing Time is 15 days, while the Validity is 180 days

• Sport competition Visa: Processing Time is 15 days, while the validity is 180 days

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• Medical Treatment Visa: Processing Time is 15 days, while the validity is 180 days

• Religious Purposes Visa: Processing Time is 15 days, while Validity is 180 days

• Transit Visa: Processing Time is 15 days, while validity is 24 hours

• Airport Transit Visa: Processing Time is 15 days, while validity is 24 hours

France Visa Requirements

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Here are the things you must have to get a visa that can get you to France:

• A valid Nigerian passport – at least 6 months validity

• Duly filled and signed France Visa application form

• A letter of invitation from sponsor

• Official letter from employer addressed to the France Consulate with proof of wages (for employment visa applicants)

• An original letter from your institution addressed to the France Consulate confirming status/attendance and duration of the course studies.

• A confirmation of your Hotel reservation

• Copies of your bank statement for the past 3 months.

• Visa Application fee.

• Travel visa insurance

There are two major categories of France visas, which are the Short stay and the Long stay visa. Actually, the duration of the short one is just 3 months. Travellers must know that any stay that would exceed 3 months would be classified as Long stay.

France Visa Types

There are various types of France (Schengen) visas and they can be grouped according to reasons or purposes of travel as well as the duration.

Here are the types of  France (Schengen) visas according to reasons or purposes of travel.

Airport Transit Visa

This visa is given to those that have flight stops at France airport, and are going to be on another flight from the same airport. It should be noted that throughout the waiting period, a person with this type of visa is not permitted to leave the airport.

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Transit Visa

If you are traveling from one country to another country and you must pass through the territory of France, then this is for you. It is also important to note that the duration of each transit case should not exceed five days.

Family Friend Visit Visa

This type of visa is issued to those traveling to France to visit friends or relatives. It has a validity of 30 days, and persons that need this visa must provide invitation letters from their sponsors in France.

Business Visa

The business visa is issued to anyone that has the need to attend or conduct business activities, meetings, or training in the country.

Travellers should note that the long stay France visas include Study visas, Family Stay visas, Employment visas, Marriage visas, Medical visas, and Re-entry visas.

Apart from these other reasons or purposes for travel include medical reasons, study purposes, tourism, and cultural sports and film crews.

Visa Fees

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• Short Term Visas for Adults: 21900 Naira

• Short Term visas for children going on tourism (Between 0 – 6 years): FREE

• Short Term visas for children going on tourism (Between 6 – 12 years) 12800

Where To Get Your France Visa in Nigeria

Address and Location of France Embassy in Nigeria

France Embassy, Abuja

Address: 37, Udi Hills Street, Off Aso Drive. Maitama – Abuja

Telephone:+234-0805 949 97 86, +234-0803 958 75 47


France Visa Application centre Lagos

Address: Block 94, Plot 23, Providence  Street, Lekki-Epe Expressway. Lekki Scheme 1, Lagos

How to Submit France Visa Application

You are required to submit your fully completed questionnaire at the visa application centre. You should know that applications can be submitted as early as 10 weeks before the intended date of departure. However, the application should be submitted at least 3 weeks to your intended date of travel.

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France Visa Processing Time

Have it in your mind that the visa processing time might take as long as 3 weeks.

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How to Collect France Visa

You can get back your passport in person or through a courier service. If you want your passport sent through a courier service, then you must make that known during application

We hope that the information about France Visa on this post will guide you whenever you’re ready to travel to the country.

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