J-Unique Beauty Hub storms the World of makeup: Meet its CEO Amhande Jennifer Isi

Last updated on January 6th, 2022 at 01:32 pm

My name is AMHANDE Jennifer Isi, from Edo state, Esan by tribe. I’m the CEO of J-Unique Beauty Hub

1st of 4 children..

A graduate of public administration from the University of Benin, and  a Master of science in Public Administration (in veiw)

J-Unique Beauty Hub
J-Unique Beauty Hub

I’ve always loved to look good and seeing that makeup enhances ones beauty I decided to go into it.

It’s actually not been easy but  with God, determination, persistence, hardwork and constant practice.. It’s been awesome..

Very competitive.. Everybody is now into makeup..but if you know your onions well people will always come to you and even refer friends and family..

AMHANDE Jennifer Isi 2

Jwas gotten from my name which is Jennifer while Unique came in because I’ve always seen me to be Unique and different from people…. Am the only me you can find anywhere and in any part of the world.. That makes me UNIQUE..

Growing in the business of makeup and what makes one look beautiful and Unique.. Owning a beauty line too is a long term plan.

AMHANDE Jennifer Isi 3

I’ll advice upcoming makeup artists including my self to be hardworking, consistent, go for upgrades, be patient(cause it takes time and the grace of God) and always practice to become a better you..

Seeing a beautiful makeup done by me inspires me to do more and be better at it… I just love to know that i transformed someone with brushes and some makeup products to look prettier.

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How to reach J-Unique Beauty Hub:

Office address: No 96, Akenzua road off Airport road, Benin City, Edo state.

Benin, Nigeria

Facebook: J-Unique Beauty Hub

Phone Number: 0807 745 2836,  08036923362

AMHANDE Jennifer Isi 6

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You can use the contact us page or drop your WhatsApp numbers here and we’ll get in touch


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