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How To Upload Business Plan On NYIF NIRSAL Portal, Here Is What You Should Know

Last Updated on February 18, 2021 by Ope Quadri

Do you know that the first thing that could win the hearts of your money lender is your business plan?

A well-planned business plan is like the architectural design of a proposed building. A professional could tell or picture how a building would look like even right on the plan. That’s how your business plan works.

That’s why it is mandatory for you to come up with NYIF business plan which can be submitted on the NIRSAL Microfinance Bank portal.

NYIF is Nigeria Youth Investment Fund, a financing idea of the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sport.

It’s aimed at providing funds, soft loans to Nigerian youth with business ideas who are already managing a business but needs financial support.

If you haven’t applied, we urge you to do so on the official portal of NYIF-NIRSAL portal. The funds are provided by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

If you already have a business plan, but don’t know the next step to take, here is step by step guide on how to upload NYIF Business Plan On NIRSAL Portal

Step 1: Apply for the NYIF opportunity

Step 2: Make the shortlist

Step 3: Get trained

Step 4: Upload your business “masterpiece” on the NIRSAL portal

Step 5: Get contacted on loan disbursement

Remember, the uploading began November 30, 2020 and you can still check if you made the list.

  • Visit,
  • Enter your BVN to validate

If you made it to the next stage, a message would be displayed. If you didn’t make it you’d equally get a message like:

Sorry! Sorry, you have not been trained


If you failed to upload your business plan, you won’t be invited for training. Your business plan must also provide solutions to some problem and able to yield profit and possibly create opportunities for others.

The plan is to create wealth, reduce unemployment, and produce more business owners

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