Who is the Family of My Children? I need Your Honest Opinion

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In life, everyone has different stories to tell. Some are unimaginable while some are hard to believe. But they did happen.

Who is the Family of My Children
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In this true-life story, Comfort (not real name) shares with us the story of her marriage which turns out to be a mystery as par the true family of her children.
She is asking who is the family of my children, enjoy the uncensored story and don’t forget to advise her on what to do.

My Story:

After ten years of marriage, my ex introduced another family as his family. While the divorce proceedings were on, it was that family that stood by him.
Planning a new wedding at the same time. We had no conjugal relationship for years through the 10 years.
Which according to Islam three months is enough for divorce. He told the new family that it is because he wants to take another wife that’s my reason divorce.
But I told his appeared family that it was due to non-conjugal relationship in the marriage. As usual, they didn’t believe me but him. So his own part of the story was accepted by them.
And they threatened to take away my children. At that point, I told them I never knew them for 12 years I was married to their so called son.
The family that married me are in Kogi State so I will take the children home to relate to them as my in laws.
When I got to Kogi the whole family was disappointed that he has another family. They called him immediately but all his lines were switched off. For two years they tried to reach him to no avail.

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The challenge I need help with is who is the family of my children?

The challenge I need help with is who is the family of my children? Three weeks ago I asked the closest person I have in the second family about a DNA test to determine my children’s family otherwise they have no one except me. Which means when anything about family comes up my brothers will take responsibility.
She promised to call back, it’s almost a month not heard from her. During the divorce proceedings, I asked him to tell the children about his family.
He told them he’s from Kogi, not Nasarawa. Then I asked, why are you presenting another family after 10 years of family? He told me the Kogi family are evil. If my children want to associate with them they can do so. Puzzle!
It’s been 8 years since divorced. My children have no family members near or far. Even their father abandoned them.
At this point, I decided to let it out because I intend to take a decision but you know how people condemn without knowing a thing.
My question is, who is the family of my children? since the man is denying the one that married me?
Keep your advise coming.
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