Are herdsmen terrorist group?

As more and more Nigerians keep meeting their untimely ends in the hands of herdsmen, President Muhammadu Buhari has been asked to declare them a terrorist group immediately.

This is necessary as their activities is hurting and harming all facet of the country, and is becoming fatal and dangerous.

Speaking on the development, Chief Adesunbo Onitiri, People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Lagos Central Senatorial candidate in the just concluded elections, asked the government to do what is right and declare total and decisive action against the herdsmen before they kill everyone.

Chief Adesunbo believes the men are now more daring and dangerous than the most dreaded Boko Haram injuring the North-East. This is so because the herdsmen are now found all over the country attacking anybody in sight.

Onitiri drew attention to the activities of the group being usually reported by the newspapers. He made mentioned of how some suspected Fulani killed an Airforce officer, driver in Edo State, and how the police nabbed four herdsmen for kidnapping a Catholic priest in Enugu.

He also talked about the cases where suspected Fulani herdsmen beat a lady to death recently, how, in 2016, suspected herdsmen attacked Agatu community in Benue State and killed 16 persons.

He also reminded of how over hundred people were murdered in cold blood which attracted world attention Benue.

He believes all of the incidents are enough to make them be declared a terrorist group.

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