Attributes of a Customer Care Agent in an Organisation

Doing Business Online Google Investment in Data and Internet Speed in Africa benefits to entrepreneurs and SMES

The importance of a Customer Care Agent in any reputable organization cannot be downplayed. It could be either be a face-to-face conversation or via the telephone. The Customer Care Representative serves as the conduit between the company and the customer and invariably the first Public relations officer as it were. He/she is expected to possess … Read more

UNIOSUN Sex for Mark Lecturer Wale Ojoniyi Threatens Legal Action

Wale Ojoniyi UNIOSUN Sex for Mark Lecturer

Osun State University (UNIOSUN)  may not be a World no. 1 institution, but the recent video sex scandal involving one of the university’s lecturers has put the state-owned institution “search-friendly” on Google. Sex scandal or sex for grades is a popular epidemic in Nigerian institutions, beginning from secondary schools. To test the fame of UNIOSUN, I … Read more

Download Google Adsense Guide To Audience Engagement Written By Google Adsense Team

This ebook “download Google Adsense Guide To Audience Engagement” would help improve engagement on your blog.

Number of chapters: 6

Number of pages: 23

Publisher: Google Adsense

Format: PDF

File size: 825kg

The Adsense Guide to audience engagement is must for all webmaster so as to get value from the efforts they’ve invested in putting their contents together.

If you’ve been wondering, as a publisher, or webmaster, about getting better engagement with your audience, Google Adsense Team has got some tips for you in its new free ebook entitled: Adsense guide to audience engagement.

According to Google, “61% of users would quickly move on to another site if they didn’t find what they were looking for right away.”

If your website is facing this kind of “click-away problem”, it is a signal that something is definitely wrong.

And it also means that you need to implement some tactics, which I’d call White-hat SEO, for your site visitors to get better engagement with your contents.

Here are some of the interesting topics you’d find in this free ebook Google Adsense: guide to audience engagement.

Chapter 1: Help your audience become familiar with your brand

Chapter 2: Design user journeys, not just web pages

Chapter 3: Design user journeys, not just web pages

Chapter 4: Develop content that resonates with your audience

Chapter 5: Make your content easy to consume

Chapter 6: Share the love with other sites by referring to good sources

Title: Adsense guide to audience engagement

So, how can you help your audience become familiar with your brand?

Google Adsense Team says:

“Define your voice: Pick a style and create a distinguishable brand for the messages you’d like to convey. Is your writing style casual, laced with trendy references? Or is it more straightforward and simplistic, using well-researched information to drive points home?

“Be consistent: Once you establish a voice, make sure to be consistent throughout your content so that people recognize and become familiar with your brand and know what to expect when they visit your site, mobile app or even your social properties.”

Having, or reading this ebook isn’t the solution to some of the problems your website/content is facing in terms of content engagement.

You can download the PDF version HERE