How Much Do You Spend On Monthly Data Subscription in Nigeria?

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For me, staying without data in an hour is like being lifeless. And that’s applicable to millions of Nigerians whose source of livelihood depends largely on surfing online.

In this post, I’ll share with you how much some users spend surfing the net, we’ll also share with how to manage your data subscription by limiting some of the apps that could quickly consume your data.

One might want to ask:


What is data subscription?

A data subscription is a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly subscription that allows you to have access to surfing the internet.

This includes reading news, watching videos, chatting with friends on messaging apps like Telegram, WhatsApp, and Duo.

It also gives you access to connect with friends on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and lots of others.

Basically, there is a whole lot of things you can do online when you have data subscription provided you can afford the financial demand.

Top Data Providers in Nigeria

In Nigeria, there are lots of companies whose services are basically data.

Some of the data providers in Nigeria are based in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial city, Ibadan (Oyo State), and Abuja. They include:

  1. Cobranet Nigeria
  2. WiFi Nigeria,
  3. Spectranet,
  4. Netcom Africa
  5. SMILE
  6. Cyber Space
  7. SWIFT Network
  8. IPNX Nigeria etc.

Other telecommunication firms also provide data services like GLO, MTN, Airtel, Etisalat.

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How Much Do You Spend On Your Monthly Data Subscription?

One of Nigeria’s online media houses known for business and economy analysis Nairametrics started a discussion on Thursday, November 5, 2020, on Twitter.

The question was to get an overview of how much Nigerian spend on data and here are some of their responses:

Dinn Eferet says she spends at least N8,000 per month when things are good. She, however, didn’t mention what she uses her data for.

Ade Blaq whose business depends largely online says he spends about N41,500, “Fibre-optic, desktop modem and 3 phone SIMS,” he says.

The least most of the commenters say they spend on a monthly subscription is N5, 000.

My experience:

As an online journalist, I spend at least N15,000 on monthly data subscription on the MTN Hynetflex, connecting at least four devices.

Data is indeed life, according to Globacom. But do you know that you can efficiently limit your data consumption?

How To Manage Data Subscription

Even as you stream live on YouTube, you can still efficiently manage your data subscription and we’ll show you how.

Follow the following to limit your data consumption:

  • Consider data-compressing apps
  • Stop apps from syncing automatically
  • Switch to WiFi at office
  • Switch off cellular data whenever possible
  • Watch out for apps that use location data

Consider data-compressing apps

Top global tech firms understand data consumption and they’ve pushed into the market several apps to help users save and minimise data usage.

Such apps include Google Chrome, Opera Mini, and Facebook Lite, these apps save data by default.

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Stop apps from syncing automatically

You consume more data when apps are updated automatically. A lot of background activity happens when you use your phone.

Switch to WiFi at the office

If you have wifi access to connect to at home and work, seize the opportunity right away instead of using your own date, this way you save data to use whenever you are where there is no WIFI.

Switch off cellular data whenever possible

Turn off your data when not in use unless you are expecting a very important mail.

Limit streaming to Wi-Fi

When it isn’t necessary, it’s better not to use your data to stream music and video. Limit streaming to WiFi to manage your data effectively.

Watch out for apps that use location data

If you have apps that use location data, it means you’d be spending more on data subscription. To save data switch off location access.

Adopt some of the above data-saving tips whenever you are on a tight budget. At the moment, data charges are high in Nigeria and some African countries, so try as much as can to save your money for something else.

Over to you: How much do you spend on monthly data subscription? Don’t forget to also share with us which of the services you use.

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