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How to prevent your Adsense account from being disabled

Last updated on December 19th, 2023 at 12:49 pm


You’ve probably read stories of disabled Adsense accounts, most of the affected bloggers can’t really understand why their account was banned. Here are some of the few measures you can put in place to stop your account from being banned.

If your account is suspended, it lasts for 30 days, and Google will give you the privilege to make the necessary change as par your traffic and AdSense implementation.

But if Google says your Adsense has been disabled for invalid activity on your account, it means you NEVER use that account again.


A disabled or banned account simply means that someone has been clicking your ads from the same IP address multiple times within a short period of time, which Google sees as a deliberate act to boost your earnings within the shortest possible means.

But that’s not the only reason why your account could be banned, check below how to prevent your Adsense account from being disabled.

Genuine traffic sources

Research has shown that no matter how small or huge traffic to your blog is, Google wants to be sure that your traffic sources are genuine. For instance, if you’re getting a tiny 300 page views per day, and 250 of such is from Facebook or from other sources apart from a search engine, your AdSense may be flagged.

Conversely, if you’re getting 50,000 page views per day, 80% or more of the views are from search engines while the rest are from other sources, you are not at risk at all.

That’s why you see big and old blogs use a mixture of search engine and social media traffic.

However, Google likes search engine traffic the most. Traffic from search engines gives your blog a great favour from Google itself apart from the fact that any clicks generated on ads on your site through legitimate sources are seen as healthy clicks.

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One of the mistakes young bloggers make is, that they see blogging as a means of financial sources rather than passion, thus making them pay for traffic from the beginning.

In a situation whereby you don’t pay for traffic, how exactly do you generate traffic to your site?

If, as a young blog, you continue to share links to your posts on Nairaland, Twitter, Facebook, and another forum, and social media, then your AdSense account may be suspended for a month, or disabled permanently.

If your account was suspended, then it’s a warning and second chance Google gives you to take a review of your traffic sources.

Bottom line:

Don’t be in haste, we know how it could be for someone who is trying to survive through earnings from Adsense, however, stick to search engines from the start.

If you must get traffic from social media, try to do it with caution. Don’t depend on social media traffic.

Family member influence:

This hasn’t been given much attention by Adsense experts in the past, but telling your family members and friends that you can make $200 within a month from clicks on Adsense ads on your site may encourage them to click bomb your ads, which is seen as one of the invalid activities by Google.

To your family members and friends, they’re trying to help you earn quickly, but on the contrary, you’re putting your AdSense account in the bad record of Google.

There is nothing bad about telling your family members about your new passion and means of livelihood, but the same passion and means of livelihood might be in jeopardy if they continue to click on your ads out of compassion.

If you tell your family members stuff like, have you read my latest post today? any time you publish a new article, desist from it, because when most of them visit your blog, they may continue to click ads without taking action, simply because they want you to smile to the bank at the end of the month or 21 of every month when Adsense releases your earnings.

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Bottom line:

Write and post on your website naturally, stop promoting such to your family members and friends all the time. If you must let them see and read your writing skills, do it with caution, it shouldn’t be all the time.

Prevent BOT traffic

If you have BOT traffic on your site, then your AdSense is also at risk. We’ve heard people talk about BOT, please talk to a professional on how to stop or avoid BOT traffic to your website.

BOT can simply be described as a non-human that behaves like a human and takes human action on your blog by clicking on your ads and generating traffic to your blog, it is seen as invalid activity by Google.

Take things slowly

Another great piece of advice you can get out there is to take things slowly, it could take up to 6months or more to start seeing reasonable results. Remember, AdSense monetization is for those who have a passion for blogging, not for those who want to start earning $1000 within a month.

If you’ve probably hear stories of old bloggers who earn between $500 and $2000 per month, they didn’t start to see results the same day they started blogging.

Bottom line:
Be consistent, and take things slowly, avoid Facebook traffic.

Has Google banned your domain name?

If Adsense has been banned on your blog for two times or more, then you’ll have to check if your domain name has been blocked by Adsense. If you continue to put Adsense code on a banned domain name, it’s a waste of time because it’ll continue to be banned no matter how you try to get legitimate traffic.

Bottom line:
Check if your domain name has been banned, if it has, then try a new domain name if you want to continue to partner with Adsense.

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WhatsApp group traffic:

If your main traffic source is from the WhatsApp group you created, then your account may be flagged, leading to a ban. It’s simply like Facebook traffic.

A new way some desperate bloggers generate traffic now is: They create a WhatsApp group, and subsequently share their post links thereby encouraging members to read for more info with the hope that those visitors will click on their ads.

Bottom line:

Stay away from WhatsApp traffic, Facebook and nairaland traffic if you’re a relatively new blog. Old blogs may do it moderately without any sanction, you know?

Purchased Adsense account:

There are Adsense merchants out there who sell Adsense accounts, however, you may be at risk if you don’t know the antecedent of the seller, if the account you bought has violated AdSense policy, then you are at risk of being banned too.

Testing ads on your site by clicking on it yourself:

Google’s sledge hammer is calling when you start clicking ads on your website, whether on your device or from another IP address isn’t the best. If you must view and see how ads look on your own site, use the publisher toolbar.

Google Publisher Toolbar enables you to view data on your AdSense, Ad Exchange, and DoubleClick for ads and accounts, and block unsuitable ads on your site.

Final verdict:

First, see blogging as a passion, from there, money can start flowing in. There was a time a guy called me asking, How much can make from blogging in a month?

I frankly told him that blogging isn’t for those whose main reason is making quick money.

That kind of quick money perception about blogging will only make you desperate, and do all sorts of illegal means to jack up your earnings.

Protect your Adsense account by abiding by the rules that guide its use.

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