2022 Osun State Governorship Election Results from 30 LGAs

2022 Osun State Governorship Election Results from 30 LGAs

Last updated on July 18th, 2022 at 11:52 am


Results from the 30 Local Government Areas in the just concluded 2022 Osun State Governorship Election showed that the election was keenly contested between Nigeria’s two major political parties: All Progressive Congress (APC) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

From the results from all the local government areas in the state, Ademola Adeleke of PDP won in 17 LGAs while Gboyega Oyetola of APC and the incumbent governor won in 13 council areas.

1Atakumosa East7,4496,992
2Ife East19,35318,071
3Ife South12,4819,116
8Ife Central17,88013,532
10Ife North9,96410,359
11Ola Oluwa9,1237,205
14Ede North9,60323,931
15Ede South5,70419,438
21Odo Otin13,48214,003
24Ilesa West10,77713,769
28Ilesa East13,45210,969
LGAs that Ademola Adele won are in bold and italic letters

INEC Declares Adeleke Osun Governor-Elect

The Returning Officer of the Independent National Electoral Commission in the election, Professor Oluwatoyin Ogundipe pronounced the PDP candidate as the governor-elect having satisfied the requirements of the law.


Announcing the result, the returning officer who is also the Vice Chancellor of the University of Lagos said:

“I Oluwatoyin Ogundipe, hereby affirmed that I am the returning officer for the governorship election held on Saturday, July 16 and the candidate polled the following votes: Isiaka Gboyega Oyetola, APC, 375,027; Ademola Adeleke, 403,371.

“I declare that Ademola Adeleke Jackson Nurudeen, having satisfied the requirements of the law is hereby declared the winner and is returned elected.”

INEC Returning Officer

Adeleke, an Ede-born politician contested the governorship election against the former Chief of Staff in the state in 2018 and lost in a rerun by a merging of about 482 votes

LGAs where Adeleke won

The former Osun West Senator on July 16, 2022 election won in 17 local government areas, the council areas are:

  1. Egbedore
  2. Ede North
  3. Ejigbo
  4. Ede South
  5. Oriade
  6. Irepodun
  7. Ife North
  8. Olorunda
  9. Orolu
  10. Obokun
  11. Odo Otin
  12. Ilesa West
  13. Ifelodun
  14. Atakumosa
  15. Ila
  16. Osogbo
  17. Boluwaduro
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LGAs where Oyetola won in July 16 2022 Election

Governor Oyetola, (a former Chief of Staff to Rauf Aregbesola) won 13 LGAs, they are:

  1. Ife East
  2. Ife South
  3. Atakumosa
  4. Irewole
  5. Isokan
  6. Iwo
  7. Ola Oluwa
  8. Ayedaade
  9. Ife Central
  10. Ifedayo
  11. Boripe
  12. Ayedire
  13. Ilesa East

Comparing 2018 Governorship Election Results with 2022 in Osun Osun State

Ayedaade: In the 2018 governorship election, APC candidate won the Ayedaade local government area by a 1,025 margin. The ruling party built on that victory again by beating Adeleke by 1,147 margins in the July 16 election.

Ayedire: APC beat PDP in Ayedire by 341 votes in 2018. The party repeated the feat on Saturday, beating Adeleke by 466 votes. It’s keenly contested if you asked me.

Atakunmosa East: In 2018, APC had 7,073 votes while PDP recorded 5,218 votes, making it a margin of 1,855 ahead of Adeleke’s PDP. But the opposition which would soon become the ruling party was able to close up some of the gaps. In July 2022, APC was only able to beat PDP by 457 votes in the Atakunmosa council area.

Atakunmosa West: Atakunmosa LGA has been one of the council areas in Osun State that could swing either way yet the PDP was able to win the LGA in 2018 and 2022 with a narrow margin.

For instance, in the September 22, 2018 governorship election, PDP scored 5,401 votes against his opponent Oyetola who scored 5,019 votes. But Adeleke stepped up its game by beating his closet rival by a 1,149 margin this time (APC: 6,601; PDP: 7,750).

Boluwaduro: Oyetola of APC had 3,843 votes in Boluwaduro in 2018, Adeleke garnered 3,779 votes, translating to a 64 margin between the winner and the loser in the council area.

In 2022, which some political analysts call a re-match, Ademola ‘hijacked’ Boluwaduro from Oyetola by scoring 5,869 votes against APC’s Oyetola’s 5,649. That’s a margin of 220 this time.

Boripe: It would be ridiculous to see an incumbent governor lose his local government area to the opposition, as such it wasn’t surprising to see Oyetola win Boripe local government by a wide margin 13,610 votes (APC: 21,205; PDP: 7,595). In 2018, he did the same as a Chief of Staff, scoring 11,655 against Adeleke’s 6,892.

Ede North: Known as the stronghold of The Adeleke empire, Oyetola’s 7,025 votes were no match to Ademola’s 18,745 votes in the September 2018 election.

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The PDP candidate repeated the same feat in 2022, scoring 23,931 votes against his closet rival who had 9,603 votes.

Ede South: As it was in 2018 when Oyetola had 4,512 votes far below PDP’s 16,693 votes, the people of Ede repeated the same massive votes for one of their sons in the July 16, 2022 election, casting 19,438 votes for him while Oyetola managed to garner 5,704 votes.

Egbedore: It has always been a tight race between APC and PDP in Egbedore local government area. We witnessed how APC beat PDP in the area by just a margin of 123 votes in 2018.

And we saw the same rivalry played out on Saturday. This time, PDP made a substantial inroad into the council area, pulling 13,230 votes, defeating APC which had 9,228 votes.

Ejigbo: This is one of the local government areas Ademola of PDP hijacked from Oyetola of APC. In 2018, Oyetola scored 14,779 votes against Ademola’s 11,116.

Oyetola was unable to consolidate on his 2018 victory in the council area as Adeleke pulled 18,065 votes against Oyetola’s 14,355.

Ife Central: A major shift in the turnout by electorates was witnessed in Ife Central LGA in 2022. While APC scored 6,957 votes to beat PDP (3,200), the story was the same in July 2022 gubernatorial election as APC pulled 17,880 against PDP’s 13,532 votes.

Ife East: It was a political victory for APC in Ife East as the party scored 8,925 votes in 2018 against Ademola’s 6,608 votes. The incumbent party repeated the feat in 2022, scoring 19,353 votes against 18,071 votes of the PDP.

Ife North: This is one of the council areas where the rerun was held. In the end, Oyetola won the LGA with 6,527 votes while PDP had 5,486. In the 2022 re-match, Ademola pulled 10,359 votes to beat Oyetola who had 9,964.

Ife South: Here is another LGA where there was a rerun at ward 7 Polling Unit 8. APC won both times. In 2018, APC scored 7,223 while PDP garnered 4,872. In 2022, APC came out victorious with 12,481 votes against PDP’s 9,116.

Ifedayo: While PDP hijacked Boluwaduro from APC, the ruling reciprocated in Ifedayo LGA. The council was won by Ademola in 2018 (PDP: 3,374; APC: 3,182). In the re-match of 2022, APC scored 5,016 votes against PDP’s 4,730.

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Ifelodun: In 2018, PDP won in Ifelodun local government area. It did the same in 2022 by defeating APC by 1,039 votes.

Ila: Oyetola won in Ila LGA in 2018 by 162 votes, Ademola changed the narrative of “the local government of a former governor” by beating his rival and an incumbent by 1,873 votes.

Ilesa East: The ruling party maintained its firm control of Ilesa East local government in both the 2018 and 2022 elections, though with a slim margin, just one vote counts in an election.

Ilesa West: Ademola achieved the same thing as Oyetola did in Ilesa East. He beat Oyetola in 2018 and the just concluded governorship election in Ilesa West. In 2018, PDP: 8,286; APC: 7,251. In 2022, APC: 10,777; PDP: 13,769

Irepodun: As it was red for APC in Irepodun in September 2018 governorship election for Oyetola, nothing changed for the party in July 2022 election. PDP was victorious once again there.

Isokan: Ademola won here in 2018 scoring 8,058 votes against Oyetola’s 6,517. APC overturned it in 2022 with its 10,833 votes ahead of PDP’s 10,777.

Iwo:  In the 2018 Osun State Governorship election, there were aggrieved party members who felt cheated by the party politics, one of them is Moshood Adeoti, a popular face in Iwo town and the entire local government area.

Though he contested under another political party, some analysts said it was a ploy to narrow the chances of the APC’s candidate Oyetola in the election. And of course, we saw that played out in Iwo where APC narrowly won. Failure of APC to amicably resolve the issue before the 2022 election also witnessed the ruling party in a narrow victory against PDP in the Iwo local government. Iwo is a stronghold of Rauf Aregbesola’s supporters.

Obokun: Again, the ruling party was unable to capture Obokun council area. PDP also won the council area in 2018 by 3,630 votes

Odo Otin: APC won this council area in 2018, but PDP claimed it on July 16, 2022 governorship election, pulling 14,003 votes against APC’s 13,482 votes.

Ola Oluwa: It is one of the strongholds of APC, but PDP has never been a pushover in the Ola Oluwa council area just as seen over three years ago and in the 2022 election.

Olorunda and Osogbo: In 2018, Oyetola won in the two local governments in the state capital. But the story changed dramatically in 2022 as PDP garnered 51, 751 votes in both local government areas while the incumbent governor got 41,110 votes in the two LGAs.

Oriade: Just like Obokun, Oriade has always been one of the LGAs where the election could swing either way, no wonder there is always a close margin between the two major parties during an election.

PDP won both times narrowly.

Orolu: Just like Obokun and Oriade, APC won at Orolu in 2018 and 2022


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