N-power Profile User Not Found: Causes and Likely Solution

N-power Profile User Not Found

N-power profile user not found is common to two categories of people in the 2016 batch, one has no solution, while the other has a 50/50 chance of getting their problem resolved.

Two MAJOR reasons why you get N-power Profile User Not Found

  • Those who applied but didn’t make the final list:

These people, they showed interest, they applied, wrote the online assessment test, but unfortunately didn’t make the final list due to one factor or the other.

Infobase Media is confidently telling you that N-power programme was purely a free and fair job initiative. No political influence.

If you fall under this category, then what you get is, “N-power Profile User Not Found” or “Error: User not found!!!” If you attempted to access the N-power portal.

It means you have no record in the N-power database. There is nothing you can do about this situation.

If you sent a complaint, it won’t be entertained.

  • Those who were successfully selected but failed to upload their ID, documents and other necessary details:

These category of N-power applicants wrote the online assessment test, they were physically screened and successfully selected.

But they failed to upload their means of Identification, passport, and other necessary details that would assist N-power in processing their payment and accessing their NPVN portal.

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Before the commencement of payment of the N-power 2016 batch one the team made available option to upload and do the needful with months of grace until that option was locked.

However, people under this category were admonished to send complaints within a certain period of time.

Some of them were called from N-power situation room, Abuja via their phone number, unfortunately were unable to get their issues resolved.N-power Profile User Not Found

In a situation whereby you didn’t onboard yourself into N-power programme you’re indirectly sending signal to N-power that you’re either not ready or engaged.

These people fall under those whose names were replaced under the and the direct beneficiaries were called “awaiting list”

If your name has been replaced it means a “serious” person who needed the job had taken over your space.

In this case, if you tried to access your NPVN portal at a later date you’d see “Error: User not found!!!” or “N-power Profile User Not Found.”


However, there are exceptions to the second situation. Some beneficiaries have called and sent several emails, yet their case remained the same.

Though N-power has made a significant progress by reducing the number of the affected persons.

We’ve shared on this platform how a volunteer received 10 months of his backlog in Akwa Ibom State, and other success stories across the country.

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N-power Profile User Not Found case study of Egwu Ebere Hyacintha, Enugu State

One of those who fall under the second category is Egwu Ebere Hyacinthata.

She was posted to Girls Secondary School, Owerre-Eze Orba, Udenu Loacal Government Area, Enugu State.

According to her, she has been going to her place of primary assignment from day 1, but she has not received a penny till date.

Head of her PPA called N-power Focal Person in Enugu State, and was assured that her stipends would be paid.

She sent complaint about her inability to access her NPVN portal, again she was promised that her case would be attended to, but till date she has no access all she gets any time she tries is,”N-power Profile User Not Found”

Egwu Ebere Hyacinthata is an N-power Teacher in Enugu, and she is still appealing to N-power to look into her situation.

We hope that N-power is reading this and something would be done.

That’s a lesson to the N-power 2017 batch two please ensure to onboard yourself NOW.

How successful volunteers can avoid issue of N-power Profile User Not Found

If you have been successfully selected, please login to your NPVN portal to on-board by uploading the required documents like your photo, ID and other details.

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Assistant to the president on Job Creation and Coordinator of N-power Mr. Afolabi Imoukhuede in a recent Facebook Live Chat advised volunteers to do the needful so that they won’t have payment problem when payment begins.

Please let that be the majority of you. If you have never gone to onboard yourself, we still have from the count that I have, we still have some roughly 18,000 to 20,000 of you that have not gone to onboard yourself at the portal, you know what that means.

Bottom line:To avoid N-power Profile User Not Found as a successful candidate, please login to your NPVN portal to onboard.

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