Married female pcm

NYSC Updates for Married Female PCM

This is the NYSC update for married female Prospective Corps Members (PCM) nationwide and the requirements they need to be mobilised.

NYSC has listed the documents needed by the married female PCM to upload on their NYSC profile before their application and posting can be approved.

NYSC online registration requirements for married woman

If you are married female PCM and would like to serve where your family is based, you’re directed to to upload the following documents.

  1. Evidence of Marriage (Marriage Certificate/Affidavit)
  2. Evidence of State of residence of husband
  3. Identity of Husband (e.g. Driving licence, National ID etc.)
  4. Letter from employer/Utility Bills
  5. NewsPaper change of name

All the above document should be scanned and be clearer.

If you’ve uploaded it but directed to upload again, SEE THIS GUIDE

100% of you uploaded below documents but when NYSC portal reopened, most of you were directed AGAIN to upload evidence of marriage certificate and ID of spouse.

How Married female PCM can upload documents on NYSC portal

  • Step 1: To upload these documents, please login to your NYSC Portal using the link
  • Step 2: Scroll down and click on update documents
  • Step 3: On the next page Add new document to upload,make sure you upload all the documents listed above and when you’re done, click on Submit.
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“Ensure you upload all the required documents and bring the physical documents to camp for evaluation. Failure to bring valid documents will result in decamping,” NYSC says.

That’s all.
If your documents were rejected because they were not clear or you have been directed to “re-upload” your marriage documents use the same link we have in step 1 or see our guide on Married female PCM Document Upload Link.

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