Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) 2018 now open

How Quebec Immigrant Investor Program operates

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  • QIIP allows candidates obtain Canadian permanent residence

Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme 2018, one of Canada’s Immigration programes, is accepting a total of 1,900 applications for new intake.

The Immigrant Investor programme will be available until March 15, 2019.

China alone, including Hong Kong and Macau, has a maximum of 1,235 applications set aside for it.

Quebec Immigrant Investor Program is the only provincial immigration stream that allows applicants to obtain Canadian permanent residence through a passive investment.

Make an investment in Quebec for a five-year period and in return obtain a permanent residence

How Quebec Immigrant Investor Program operates

In the past, the requirement was an investment worth CAD $800, 000 with net assets of CAD$1.6 million, but that has changed slightly according to CIC News says

The new change became effective August 2. It’s now CAD $2 million in net asset and CAD $1.2 million of investment.

The investment must be for a five-year term and the investment agreement must be made through a financial intermediary authorized to participate in the QIIP.

The investment of CAD $1.2 million is guaranteed by the Quebec government and will be returned in full after five years.

Other requirement stipulates that all interested candidates must obtain a passing score under Quebec’s points system.

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QIIP can simply be described as Investment opportunities for managers and entrepreneurs.

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