No doubt about it: Lagos, Kano states are going to be battle ground for 2019 elections

Considering the list of registered voters released by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Lagos and Kano states are definitely going to be the battleground.

The two states according to INEC registered voters for 2019 elections have the largest number of designated voting points in the forthcoming general elections.

The number of registered voters in the above states have also played a significant role in determining the number of polling units.

Lagos has 8, 462 polling units and 4,976 voting points while Kano has 8,074 polling units and 3,148 voting points.

Ekiti and Bayelsa have the lowest voting points in the country. Ekiti has 2,195 polling units and 250 voting points, Bayelsa has 1,804 polling units and 440 voting points.

The polling unit is the designated voting point conveniently designed for voters, which should not exceed 700 voting population.

The voting points, INEC noted was created to accommodate the extra voters within a polling unit. For the purpose of 2019 general elections, besides the official 119,973 polling units, the commission created 57,023 voting points across the country.

A total of 84, 004, 084 million people registered to vote in the general polls scheduled for 16th February and 2nd March 2019.

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Even though close to 100 political parties have been registered by INEC, the contest is going to be between All Progressive Congress (APC) and Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP).


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