Brazilian Visa

How Nigerians Can Get a Business Visa to Brazil

Brazil stands out in various ways amongst the nations of the world. Apart from being one of the most largest countries in terms of both area and population, the country shines in football (which is the most loved sports in the world). In this post we’ll tell you all need to know about Brazilian Visa for Nigerians.

Located in South America, the official language being spoken in Brazil is Portuguese, and there are some 190 million people 

Although Brazil is yet to attain the status of countries like the United States of America in terms of technology and economy, the South American country is better than various other countries in Africa.

As expected, there are various Nigerians currently in Brazil. While some are there to work and to conduct business, some others are there for tourism and sightseeing.

You need a visa to travel to Brazil with your Nigerian passport, and this article will shed some light on how to get things done.

Types of Brazilian Visa Nigerians Can Apply for

• Tourist Visa

• Cultural Visa

• Business Visa

• Athletes/Artists Visa

• Student Visa

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• Work Visa

• Resident Journalists/Media Correspondents Visa

• Resident Missionaries Visa

• Permanent Visa

• More Doctors for Brazil

Where To Get A Brazilian Visa

Here is the address of the Brazilian Consulate General in Lagos, as well as their phone number, email and website.

Address: 257, Kofo Abayomi Street,

Victoria Island, Lagos.

Telephone: (+234) (305) 285-6200



Please note that they are open for business from Monday to Friday (except public holidays). Additionally, all applications must be presented in person.

Requirements For Getting Your Brazilian Business Visa

We will be focusing more on the business visa in this article. However, you should note that irrespective of the type of visa you need, there are some general requirements already on ground. For instance, you need an original, valid passport. The passport must have at least 2 (two) blank visa pages (the endorsement pages at the back of the passport do not count as blank pages).

So, to get a Brazilian business Visa, here are the requirements:

• A recent individual passport photo with white background. The applicant still need to present a passport picture taken less than 6 months ago even if they successfully uploaded the photo into the online application form. The required passport photo size is a 2″x2″ picture.

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• Your electronic visa application form. After filling out the electronic visa application form, print the application receipt, glue your picture on it, sign on the appropriate field and bring your application receipt form along with the other required documents to the Consulate. Both parents must sign the application receipt of their minor children.

• An original letter, on an official company letterhead or stationary from the employer, clearly stating the applicant’s position in the company, the precise nature of business, dates of arrival and departure, and financial responsibility for the costs of the trip, signed by a senior manager.

• If you intend taking part in the production/filming of documentary, commercial or advertisement videos or motion pictures in Brazil, you must also obtain a special authorization directly from ANCINE/Ministry of Culture in Brazil (Agência Nacional do Cinema, Ministério da Cultura) before coming to the Consulate. The authorization has to be obtained directly by a Brazilian partner/agent/representative in Brazil;

• Those applying through a third party (family members, friends, employees or agencies) must present proof of residence within the jurisdiction of this Consulate.

Those under 18 years of age must present for following documents:

• Both copy and original of the birth certificate

• A Letter of consent signed by the parents or legal guardians: Parents must present original and copy of ID document or passport along with the application. If Brazilian citizens, they must submit their original and copy of Brazilian ID (Carteira de Identidade) or Brazilian passport along with the application. Remember that a passport must be signed.

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• For the requirements for other and all types of Brazilian visas, you can check the embassy website.

In conclusion, ensure you crosscheck properly and present only the right documents. While filling the forms, make sure you fill the right things alone – to increase your chances of getting a congratulatory handshake.

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