Nigerians Donate N1Million To Lagos Policeman Who Was Harassed By One-Way Driver

VIDEO: Nigerians Donate N1million Cheque To Lagos Policeman Sunday Erhabor Who Was Assaulted By Traffic Offender

Last updated on August 6th, 2023 at 06:34 am

ASP Sunday Erhabor Nigeria Police Officer who was assaulted by a traffic offender has received a donation of one million Naira (N1M) from Nigerians.

Unlike a typical Nigerian’s police officers who killed offenders at the slightest provocation, Erhabor maintained his calm even as a traffic offender hit him severally in a viral video a few days ago.

His action earned him an award from the Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu while a group of Nigerians came together to raise money as compensation for his professionalism in service.

How it happened:

The Officer had stopped a one-way driver for breaking traffic rules in Lagos. The offender instead of being remorseful, alighted from his vehicle, hit the police officer several times before the situation was brought under control.

What actually impressed many Nigerians was the fact that a typical police officer in Nigeria would have fired a shot and kill the offender.

There were reports of several killings of motorists who refused to bribe police officers on the highway.

In the video, Erhabor could be heard cautioning his colleagues not to use arms against his attackers.

Moved by the high level of professionalism exhibited by the rare police officer, a young man identified as Ugo Egbujo on Facebook launched a fundraising for the officer.

Within 72 hours, 158 Nigerians donated over N900,000 while Ugo Egbujo more to make it N1,000,000 which donated on Wednesday, April 21, 2021 in Lagos.

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In one of his Facebook posts where he posted the video for the final list of donors

Egbujo says:

“Mission accomplished, 158 persons contributed. We gathered N920, 600. I ran to Warawara. He made it up.

“Minus Wara and one other, all contributions were from Facebook family.

Oridnary struggling people rewarding exceptional professionalism of a police officer.

We have N1,000,000.

The channel is closed.

Any money that strolls into that account for this purpose after now will go to our next project. The draft will be delivered later today.”

In an interview by The Punch, ASP Sunday Erhabordisclosed that he had never fired a shot at anyone since he joined the Nigeria Police Force.



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