Fake Nigerian Custom Officer, Grace Adeyemo, launches NSC vacancies to dupe N-Power candidates

Grace Adeyemo is a fake Nigerian Custom Officer, steer clear of her antics

419ners are everywhere. But they’re more rampant in job websites, forums, job searching community on the social media.

Today, we found a fake Nigeria Custom Officer names Grace Adeyemo, a name we want to believe isn’t her real name, in one of the N-Power groups on facebook.

She lured Npower successful candidates to contact her for a slot in the Nigeria Custom Service.

This girl is one of the 419ners, who defraud unsuspecting and over ambitious unemployed Nigerian youths.

Please steer clear of Grace Adeyemo.

This girl changed her profile pix to custom officer on January 28, 2017 with the aim of using it to defraud you.

The photo we also want to believe she downloaded from social media account of a real female custom officer.

Stay away from her. A custom officer can’t stoop so low to advertise custom jobs on facebook.

She claimed to be a customer officer, yet she didn’t have any custom officer as friend when I ran a check on her facebook profile. Also she didn’t have anything about her, no other photos aside the ones she purportedly used as her profile pic.

If you don’t want to be defrauded, stay away from her. Don’t let the Grace Adeyemo capitalized on your hungry search for job. Millions of them are out there. Check her profile here: https://mobile.facebook.com/grace.adeyemo.1042032… fraud!

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