N-Power Agro adopts GreenHouse Farming method in Maiduguri

N-Power Agro adopts GreenHouse Farming method in Maiduguri

Last updated on November 10th, 2018 at 10:42 pm

Greenhouse farming is one of the researches in agricultural innovations that has proven productive.

Federal Government’s job empowerment programme N-Power through one of its areas N-Agro has adopted GreenHouse Farming method in Maiduguri, North-East, Nigeria.

The method of farming is being used in India, China and other countries of the world.

In a recent visit by N-Power Monitoring Team to Maiduguri on May 4,2017 npower agro volunteers were seen learning green house farming.

What is GreenHouse in Agricultural farming?

According to Agric Farming, a number source for farming in India, “GreenHouse is framed structure covered with a transparent material.

“Greenhouse provides the controlled environment conditions for growing vegetable crops and flower crops.”

According to Agric Farming, Greenhouse concept is picking up due to controlled cultivation under less area with higher yields compared to open land cultivation.N-Power Agro GreenHouse Farming

How to construct GreenHouse

There are two methods to build green house:

  1. Advanced one
  2. Locally built with wood etc

High-tech GreenHouse

At the moment, greenhouse is capital intensive, but a mechanized farmer who has access to loan can embark on it by consulting with high-tech farming companies in Nigeria or any other foreign firms.

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Low cost GreenHouse built locally

To reduce the initial cost, one can prefer to go for low cost or low tech greenhouse where simple structure is constructed with local materials like bamboos, wood etc.

“Greenhouse technology is an innovation that is gradually making inroad into the Nigerian agricultural sector.”

Adoption of greenhouse means the FG is ready to invest in Agric, and take up agric as one of businesses that can sustain its economy.

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