How to Earn Daily Bitcoin using BTC Package

How to Earn Daily Bitcoin using BTC Package

Have you been hearing and reading about digital currency like bitcoin? But still ask: Is Bitcoin real? It definitely means you’re yet to get involved. This post is for those who already know what bitcoin is, and those who don’t but are interested to earn daily income from bitcoin, the most valuable currency in the world at the moment.

I know most of you have been reading about my excitement in the last three months. You can check my Facebook Timeline. Today, I’m on mission to reveal the system I have been using to earn passive income daily.


My Name is Opeyemi Quadri, a bitcoin investor and cryptocurrency investment strategist and I’m here to guide and help you to become successful in this fantastic opportunity bitcoin has brought. For the first time, mankind will be having total control over his digital assets without control from anyone.

Let me be the first to congratulate you for the first step by at least landing on this post. Now it’s time to do a little work and get you paid, one way or another.

Ways of making money from Bitcoin

There are two major ways to earn from bitcoin:

Method 1: Buy bitcoin yourself

Buy bitcoin on any of the BTC trading platform, or buy directly using your debit or credit card (will recommend the best for your country) and wait till the price of bitcoin goes up to sell. The method requires you to monitor the market every minute, because you’re the trader.

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Method 2: Purcahse bitcoin package with a reputable company

Buy bitcoin package with a reputable company. This is the method I use because all I do everyday (Monday-Friday) is to login to my backoffice to see how much bitcoin profit my wallet has been credited with.

Through the second method you earn while you sleep or do other things. Your money does the work. Through this method, when you have reached the minimum payout, you transfer to your bitcoin wallet and sell to a reputable BTC trader,who pays into your account the value of the bitcoin in your currency.

I will give you the steps to start earning within the next 24 to 48hrs using the second method: Buying Bitcoin Package

You can join for FREE, but it pays to invest minimum of €50 (you can convert that to your currency. When your registration is complete and confirmed, I’ll teach you how to set up your bitcoin wallet 100% free, and make recommendation on the Best Bitcoin Exchange in your country. Just mention your country and I’d recommend which you can use.

You can even earn by sharing this opportunity with others that want to receive 140% on their capital.

They will join using your referral link and purchase packs at 50 Euros a piece. Referring isn’t a must; you can purchase your BTC package and watch your daily earning.

They can buy as many packages as they want. We even have (a system) that they can feel out
and explore around. Within 24hrs if not sooner they will start earning an average of .75% to
1.25% per day Monday-Friday.

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What does Bitcoin package means, do I have to buy a whole bitcoin?

At the time of publishing this post, a bitcoin is worth over $18, 000 (that’s millions of naira in Nigerian Naira and some other currencies). You don’t have to buy a whole bitcoin, and you can if you have the financial capability.

Bitcoin package means you’re buying a portion of bitcoin. For instance the 50 Euros for a package is the equivalent of bitcoin you’re buying (simply put…it means you’re buying 50 Euro worth of bitcoin) then you leave the rest for the company.

However, with a system and a company that proves to be so fantastic up to this point, you might get excited and feel compelled to share it with a few more people.

Once you become a member of our Facebook group, I’ll take that effort to mention you on important posts.

Again, welcome onboard to earning passive income from bitcoin, the most valuable currency in the history of mankind.

1Btc today is worth over $18,000 at the time of putting this together and joining us means you’re on your way to see the secret of how I and other btc investors in US, UK, Australia make bitcoin online on autopilot.

Yes, it’s real. I’m a living testimony right here in Nigeria. You need to know WHAT BITCOIN IS

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My Name again is Opeyemi Quadri

Take the steps below and be on your way to financial freedom.

Step 1:

Join me on facebook ( or WhatsApp (+2348065277758), where I’d reveal to you the bitcoin platform I’ve been dealing with more than three months and have been paying me consistently for starting with just a package.


A Canadian woman introduced me to this amazing bitcoin platform, and been receiving unimaginable support from my Australian sponsor, and since I started, been excited. Thousands of Nigerians have joined this platform.

Step 2:

If you joined me on my channels, then you’re likely to be one of the 50 people that’d get my FREE REGISTRATION.

Step 3:

Third, I’d add you to our Facebook Groups  for support, coaching, education, and you’d get read and see how registered members are excited for taking bitcoin amazing opportunity.

If bitcoin is still a mystery to you, don’t worry I’d teach and show you how it operates, and how you can explore it to your advantage.

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