How does Nigeria’s 2017 Fuel Scarcity Affect Igbos alone?

How does Nigeria’s 2017 Fuel Scarcity Affect Igbos alone?

  • Any deliberate policy to undermine the economy of Ndigbo would affect the entire country heavily.
  • Ndigbo shouldn’t allow the hardship caused by the “anti-people policy” of the current administration to discourage them.

The recent statement credited to the President General, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Chief John Nwodo, that President Muhammadu Buhari-led Government was deliberately using fuel scarcity to impoverish the Igbos shows how ethnic leaders in Nigeria make statement that could poison the minds of their fellow ethnic bigots.

Chief Nwodo isn’t the only one affected by this ethnic bigotry, some Yoruba leaders, Hausa/Fulani leaders have also been caught in the act in the past.

The current fuel scarcity affects more than 180Million Nigerians. Nigeria is made up of three major ethnic groups (The Yorubas, Hausas/Fulanis, and The Igbos) with more than 350 others living in different states of the country. Some of these people travel home for Christmas and New Year holidays; meaning they are directly affected by the fuel scarcity.

In a Christmas message reported by The Punch, Nwodo was quoted as saying that the Igbo indigenes should not “forget to bring back their wealth to their homeland.”

While a large number of Nigerians couldn’t afford a meal a day, he opted to go ethnic by stressing that Christmas provided a good opportunity for Ndigbo to pray more to God to send succour to alleviate their sufferings in the country.

“They (FG) know that at this period in the year, Ndigbo people travel a lot to their homeland. That’s when the government chose to close our airport, that’s when they allow fuel shortage; this is very unfair and insensitive.

“It’s a deliberate policy of impoverishing our people to ensure that whatever wealth our sons and daughters bring home during Christmas is expended on fuel, leaving none for investment.

“The unfolding events in the country, especially as it relates to Ndigbo, since this administration came to power, underscores the imperatives for our people to think about home in their wealth generation,” Nwodo added.

Nwodo handed down two warnings to Nigerian government and his followers:

  • Any deliberate policy to undermine the economy of Ndigbo would affect the entire country heavily.
  • Ndigbo shouldn’t allow the hardship caused by the “anti-people policy” of the current administration to discourage them.
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While I was trying to link how the 2017 fuel scarcity to how the Igbos are the only ones affected, I stumbled upon some reactions of Nigerians on The Punch via

Nigerians react to Nwodo claim that fuel scarcity is to punish Igbos

A disqus user with the username ekiti man in USA says:

“If this is a true statement made by Mr. John Nwodo then his head need to be examined for psychiatric problem. Why must every incident be politicize and inciting citizenries against one another? Are the Igbos the only group suferring from fuel scarcity. We are all one Nigerians and we shall swim together wether we like it or not. Am so tired of this so called leaders with loud mouth and no bearings.

God bless Nigeria and his people. One love.”

Another user, Zygote simply asked, “How can Ndigbo progress with a President General like Chief John Nwodo who talks like a four year old. This is appalling or is this a case mental illness?”

Oluseyi Phillips 111 writes:

“Buhari may not have graduated from a prestigious university….yet Buhari will never make such statement which speaks volumes of mischievousness. It is time people from the SE begin to hold their leaders accountable. In other climate, president of Ohaneze’s words would have started a civil war.”

A user who is also experiencing the fuel scarcity problem, Owaikhena writes:

“From today, I won’t read anything concerning this man. Must he bring ethnicity to even fuel scarcity? I’m not Igbo, but I bought fuel for N200 a litre yesterday near Ore, on my way home with my family.”

Pedagogue writes:

“The statement credited to the Ndigbo is intellectually unsound and cannot be justified by any right thinking person. The fuel scarcity affects all Nigerians. It doesn’t have any ethnic dimension. So, the Ndigbos or whatever they call themselves should shut up.

“Having said that, the wicked fuel scarcity is another evidence of the fact that nothing has changed in Nigeria. In fact, things are worse now.

We protested and shut Nigeria when Jonathan tried to remove fuel subsidy by increasing pump price from N65 to N141. Now, Buhari increased fuel price from N87 to NI45 WITHOUT REMOVING SUBSIDY and we’re still queuing to buy!!! Nigeria can’t survive another 4 years of this incompetent bigot called President Buhari!”

Kunle Hammed believes that accountability is the most important thing in leadership position.

He writes: “People in leadership position should be wary of their utterances. For crying out loud igbo people are not the only one being affected by the fuel scarcity. How on earth would this man be making unsubstantiated claim that they are the target. This is how words of mouth stoke fire of disunity and eventually war.”

DHA believes that Nwodo isn’t capable of leading the Igbos:

“If it is true that Nwodo made this statement, then God help the people he claims to be leading. He is just one of those agents of retrogression that abound in every tribe in Nigeria who will pretend to be champions of the people, taking the undue advantage of the fact that majority of Nigerian youths/’educated illiterates’ who lack analytical minds because of low quality education, will be convinced by him. With people like Nwodo at the forefront, the future is bleak.”

sly says the fuel scarcity is general and believes that it’s unfortunate that the Igbo leader is bringing ethnic coloration.

“Nigerians are experiencing hardship this one is talking about ndigbo is it only in igbo land that we have scarcity this government has failed d masses woefully stop ethnic hatred speech we are in this together.”

Infobase Take:

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Chief Nwodo before now has been a respected leader in Nigeria on some national issues. He once led some other leaders to visit President Buhari to discuss issues of national interest, and how to move the country forward.

It’s unfortunate that a man who wants a country to move forward is making statements that could break up the country.

Fuel scarcity is a national problem unless The Ohanaeze Ndigbo wants to forcefully make all Nigerians Igbos.

The current fuel scarcity also shows that there are still cabals within the oil industry in Nigeria, whose action could cause total collapse of policy.

Though President Buhari has directed Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), some of the problems are artificially created by cabals, oil marketers and dealers, who hoard petroleum products during festive period to cause price hike.

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