N-power Device Tablet Problems and Possible Solutions

N-power Device Tablet Problems and Possible Solutions

You’ll definitely encounter N-power device tablet problems as you continue to use your device. Here is one of the issues and possible solution.

Caution: Before implementing the suggestions on this post, please make sure you have little knowledge about tech and tablet operation.

Have you been facing one problem or the other with your N-power Device after you collected it?

It’s likely you deleted an important APK on your device or you tampered with a very important SETTI NG segment of the device.

In a situation whereby you are having issue with your N-power tablet device, we urge you to login to your NPVN Portal and check the Support section or your own device maker and contact the support centre in your state or the nearest support centre for solution.

But in a situation whereby they couldn’t help in your case, here are possible solutions you could use to get your problem solved.

Abubakar Bala Omadefu‏  with the twitter handle @BalaOmadefu asks:

“The learning material in My Tecno 10D is not responding and also the video is not opening, the response I have when trying to open the learning material is, No PDF material available for this unit and the video, this video cannot be played, please I need a solution.”

Possible Solution:

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It’s possible you deleted the APK of the app, in a situation like that, it’s unlikely your app would work without APK. APKs are the backbone of Apps.

First, we implore you to contact Npower Techno Device Support Centre.

Check the support centre here

In a situation whereby the support can’t help you with the reinstallation of APKs and Apps, do this simple task, but before that please try and locate a fellow volunteer who is in the same programme with you (N-Teach, or N-Health, N-Agro depends on your programme)

  • Click on home.
  • Go to File manager and click on it.
  • Locate the APK of the app you’re trying to open, reinstall it
  • If it doesn’t open after the reinstallation, go back there and delete it
  • Go to setting again, and locate the Apps that’s not working
  • Click on Uninstall
  • Reboot your device
  • On your friend’s device, follow the step one and two
  • Go to file manager and locate his own APK, which you’ve deleted on your own device
  • Transfer the ones you uninstall on your device through Bluetooth or Xender File transferring App.
  • Install the APKs on your device and open

Do the same for the videos.

You may reboot your device again.

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That’s all.

You should be able to open the apps now.

Ask us your N-power device problems and we’ll take our time to get unto it.

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