#DapchiGirls remains top twitter trend in Nigeria 10 days after Boko Haram abducted 110 school girls in Yobe

#DapchiGirls remains top twitter trend in Nigeria 10 days after Boko Haram abducted 110 school girls in Yobe

#DapchiGirls remains top twitter trend in Nigeria 10 days after Boko Haram abducted 110 school girls in Yobe

It’s exactly seven days after more than 100 secondary school girls in Dapchi, Yobe State, were kidnapped by a group of the dreaded terrorist group Boko Haram.
Since the ugly incidence in the night of Monday February 19, 2018, Nigerians have taken to twitter to get their messages out to the international community with the hashtag #DapchiGirls.

“On a week when President Buhari boasted that he had fulfilled his 2 biggest campaign promises of Security and Anti Corruption, The #DapchiGirls incident and Transparency International’s latest CPI showed him the limits of propaganda. Mr. President, you have FAILED on those scores.” -@benmurraybruce

From all indications it shows that Mr. Bruce is rather talking from an opposition point of view, and not as a Nigerian, who should campaign on how the kidnappe girls should be released.

“I remember when Patience Jonathan was pleading with the parents of the Chibok girls to attend a meeting with her, today the parents of the # DapchiGirls are hiding in bushes for fear of arrest by the same forces that are meant to protect them… Smh”-@Oghenekevwe

It’d be recalled that after abduction and false declaration of the state governor Ibrahim Geidam that some of girls had been rescued , he paid visit to Dapchi, but the angry parents and youths in the area stoned his convey.

The aftermath of that incidence led to arrest of some parents by security operatives.

While report from one angle say it’s due to an attack on the convoy of the governor, others say they were being haunted for speaking to the press about the true picture of what actually happened and how their kids were kidnapped.
The state government had released a series of unconfirmed figure since the February 19 incidence, while parents had called on the state to stop relying on figures issued by security operatives.

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@angry_ustaaz goes prayerful instead of putting blames on anyone, goes ahead to praise the courage and determination of the girls to get education despite the deplorable state of facility in the school, “Even with the very bad condition of the schools, these girls try so hard to get educated and better their lives, yet some people do not want to see this happen, this is sad, May Allah return these girls home safely. # DapchiGirs.”

“#DapchiGirls : Boko Haram attacked school to embarrass govt, Information Minister Lai #Mohammed tells journalists. Can govt just recover these girls, to EMBARRASS #BokoHaram for once!”–@NnamdiObasi

Nnamdi is rather sarcastic in his tweet. He’s calling on government to stop the propaganda by accepting responsibility for sad incidence, rather than make noise about defeating Boko Haram.

Adetutu Balogun believes that it shouldn’t have taken the school authority so much days to compile names of the missing girls since school ought to have register, which should have assisted in quickly coming up with names of the affected girls less than a day the abduction occurred .

“What a time to be alive. 1. Unknown numbers of girls are missing, since Monday. 2. Police is intimidating some of the bereaved parents. 3. PMB yet to address the nation. 4. All the Twitter vuvuzelas are on mute. 5. Politicians are not tweeting the # DapchiGirls.”–@Tutsy22

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Ebube is rather rhetoric in his tweet,”When will he address us on fuel scarcity? When will he address us on the economy? When will he address us on herdsmen attacks? When will he address us on $DapchiGirls ?”-@akaebube

A handle which appears to be of former Nigerian Vice President Atiku Abubakar says it’s a time to come together and pray for the safe return of kidnapped girls, “A few days ago, a group of girls were taken from Government Girls Secondary School, Dapchi, in Yobe State. Can we say a silent prayer for a minute for the safe return of the #DapchiGirls ?”–@atiku

Controversy surrounding the rescue of the girls

“Who do we believe between the military and the Governor of Yobe concerning the #DapchiGirls ? The Federal Government through the military say they have been rescued. The Governor says it is a lie. Meanwhile, foreign media are making a mockery of us!”@benmurraybruce
Infobase take:

It’s disturbing that three days after the incidence, Governor Geidam of Yobe State came live on TV to claim that a certain number of the girls had been rescued by the soldiers. It turned out to be false.

Later he was quoted as saying top military authority gave him the figure, he didn’t name his source, though.

The truth became obvious when parents of the girls came open that none of the kidnapped girls have returned, it became hard for him to rely on military authority again.

Nigerians and the international community are watching how the federal government handles the Dapchi girls incidence?

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Will it end the way the Chibok Case ended? Definitely NO would be the FG’s answer

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