Photo of the week: Dog with man’s facial look

Photo of the week: Dog with man’s facial look

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Last month we stumbled on a photo of a puppy that has man’s look on a popular forum reddit, and the one year old brown Shin Tzu-poodle mix has become a social media sensation .

What makes news about the dog named “Yogi” is the fact that he has man’s facial expression, making it unusual.

In the past we’ve seen man with gorilla facial look, but this time it’s dog vis-à-vis human being.

Our research shows that Yogi’s photo was first posted on Facebook by the owner Chantal Desjardins, from Massachusetts.

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After the post, some of her friends started pointing out that the dog’s face looked uncannily human-like.

Some thought maybe photo editing software like Photoshop or one of those popular ‘face swap’ apps had been used to get the human effect, but some of her friends who know her residence visited and confirmed the look of the dog.

She wasn’t aware of the look until her friends pointed out.

“I feel really sad for the pup, because he’s probably really cute, but he’s also horrifying. I feel like a brown-eyed, bearded man is trapped in there,” one person commented on Reddit, where a photo of Yogi got thousands of  upvotes, after being posted by an acquaintance of Chantal’s.

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While some people think he looks adorable, to others this uncanny valley effect is just disturbing.

“WTF he has the most human eyes I’ve seen on a dog,” another user commented.

Another user said, “I laughed, then I got uncomfortable, now I’m rocking back and forth desperately trying to convince myself it’s just a face swap,” someone wrote.

“The more I stare at the dog the more I’m seeing my own face….this is creeping me out… like looking into my soul weird,” another person commented.

Yogi is just another man in dog’s clothing.

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