How to check your NPower ID in NPVN Portal

How to check your NPower ID in NPVN Portal

Last updated on November 5th, 2018 at 01:24 pm

Your NPower ID (identification) is right inside your NPVN dashboard, the main thing is how to locate it, which this guide focuses on.

What is N-power ID?

Your N-power ID is your means of identification that you’re truely one of the beneficiaries of the job initiative programme of the All Progressive Congress-led government.

N-power ID is similar to NYSC State Code.

N-power ID Sample and Interpretation

The ID isn’t peculiar to the 2016 alone, but including the successful 2017 batch of 300, 000 volunteers.

Right in your NPVN dashboard is everything about you as far as the N-power programme is concerned: Your name, N-power ID, device selected if you’re 2016 batch, your banki details, state, and the batch you belong plus the N-power area (N-Tecah? N-Agro? N-Health? etc).

But we’re focusing on N-power ID in this post, we’ve covered every other things you need to know in other areas of programme.

One of the things Infobase pointed out in one of our previous posts was the activation of an identification allocated to every beneficiary. It’s called N-power ID, which you can check any time within your NPVN portal.


For instance, 2016 first batch of the programme will have ID like



  • NPVN:This means N-power Volunteer Network. It’s a sub-domain and portal specially created for applicants who have been successfully verified and already on the payroll of the empowerment programme.
  • OS: This is the acronym for your state of origin. OS in this instance means Osun State. It simply means that the volunteer is posted and serving in Osun State.
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So, state like Ondo could be OD, Oyo State could be OY, Cross River State will be CR etc.

Please login to your N-power dashboard to check the state code if you are one of the N-power 2017 volunteers.

If you selected Ondo State during application and you saw OS upon login to your portal it means that you will be deployed to Osun State. In this case it’s advisable you APPLY FOR DEPLOYMENT right away or Correction of profile.

  • 2016: This means you are among the first batch that were onboarded in 2016. In this case it means you started receiving monthly stipend in December 2016. If you’re having problem with your some of your salaries, please check our article on HOW TO SEND A REMINDER TO NPOWER ABOUT BACKLOG PAYMENTS.

2016 simply means when you’re onboarded. That’s your batch. In this case the 2016 batch will read “1” signifying first batch.N-power ID onboard sign

If you’re 2017 batch, your year will be 2017.

  • 123456: This simply your allocation number. This varies, and it’s not the same.

If you haven’t logged in to your account recently, login to check your N-power ID

In case you want to correct your name in your profile, check this one of our articles on HOW TO CORRECT YOUR NPOWER NAME.

Having said that how do you now check your N-power identification number?

But before that, have you heard N-power Agro volunteers Sipasi Olalekan’s revelation how he traveled to Germany to participate in the G20 Youth Summit?

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Check the video on our channel:

How to check your N-power ID in NPVN Portal

Step 1:

Login to your NPVN portal (dashboard), here is the direct link:

Use your phone number or email address as your username, and enter your password.

Step 2:

If you’re using a tablet device like techno android, or iPhone, by the top right handside of the page, click on your name or your photo.

On the same line are: Batch, NPower ID, and Program

Batch shows whether you are 2016 batch or 2017 batch.

Your N-power is something like this: NPVN/OS/2016/00000077774

The NPVN means N-power Volunteer Network, a portal designed for those that have been successfully selected.

You can do more thing withing your NPVN portal, if you scroll down more you’d see details of your device, if you have collected it.

Having said that, story of Sipasi Olalekan, N-power Agro Volunteer, who traveled to Germany to attend G20 Global Youth Summit will inspire you that you can do much more with N-power.


N-power 2017 On-board process closes on Friday, July 20, N-power has said. To onboard, or check if your details are correct, CHECK THIS GUIDE

Here are some of the things you have on your NPVN portal (dashboard:)

  1. A green badge, which means you’ve been verified
  2. Status: “Onboarded” meaning you’re ready to be deployed by your state government, while the Federal Government is ready to start paying your monthly salary of N30,000.
  3. Your full name
  4. Your gender
  5. Your date of birth
  6. Batch: If you’re 2016 it means you’ll see (1), if you’re 2017 batch you’ll see (2)
  7. N-power ID: Every beneficiary has an identification now something like . The ID contains your programme, your batch, and number. This is just like your NYSC state code.
  8. Programme you selected during registration period.
  9. Your contact details, which include your email address, phone number, home address, LGA, state, and your geopolitical zone
  10. And finally your bank details, your BVN, bank and account number.
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I can’t find my Selected device

You’re not alone if you found out that no device shows up. Though during registration, every applicant was given the option to choose a device.

Two things are likely here:

  1. It’s either N-power has it at its data base, which may be activated on your NPVN dashboard later for you to see
  2. Or list of accredited N-power tablet devices is shown in your profile for you re-select your preferred tablet device.

Npower tablet devices for the second batch include the following:

  • AfriOne Npower iPad
    2) Samsung Npower Tablets:
    3) Npower RLG Tablets
    4) Npower Zinox Zpad Tablets
    5) Floss Signature Npower Tablets

Payment history:

You shouldn’t worry about this if you’re 2017 batch as you’ve not been deployed. Your payment will start showing up when you start working.

Only the first batch can see their payment history.

Do you still have other challenges exploring your NPVN portal? Talk to us

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  1. Your Comment Here …I am 2017 Npower volunteer. my bank details did not appear on my dashboard. please update . first bank. Acc no. . And also my Npower id: nhealth.

      • Why is the NPVN portal not opening for almost two days now, please help oo because we need to complete our documentation. I was told to present it latest by 4th of August when coming for the posting letter.

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    • Hello Deborah,

      Please login to your NPVN portal, click support link, and send direct message to Npower support team. That’s more faster than sending e-mail now.

  4. good day, the challenge on my is that some column are blank. e.g NPower ID, Bank Name, Account Number while selected device states ” you have no device information” pls , kindly assist.

    • Hi Ruth, please refresh your profile.

      Also note that device selection blank page is still a general issue on beneficiary’s portal.

      Alternatively, send complaint to NPOWER via your npvn dashboard

    • NPOWER has provided the solution and we have written about it. Unless you’re 2016 awaiting list which NPOWER technical team is looking into.

      If you’re 2016 awaiting list, your issue will be resolved soon.

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