Complete Guide on How to Build your Business on Facebook and other Social Media

Complete Guide on How to Build your Business on Facebook and other Social Media

One can successfully use Facebook to build a business through these five lessons written by by Danie Booth, a personal development expert and social media strategist.

Using Facebook to build a business is real and Infobase Media is one of the testimonies since we came online in 2015.

We’ve seen and heard stories of foreign and indigenous companies that built sustainable business through social media like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and other well-known platforms.

Some of them have achieved this with virtually $0 while other spent big to achieve great result, but as we publish this, we’ve not spent more than N2,000 to achieve the few things we achieved.

In this post by a social media strategist, Daniel Booth highlights some of the important strategies to use to build your business on social media.

The tutorial was segmented into five lessons, but we’ve merged them here, titled, “Using Facebook to Build a Business.”

In this digital age driven by social media you can actually build your business from scratch to reach a wider audience in any part of the world.

That’s if you know how to tap into the hidden potentials of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media.

Using Facebook to Build a Business (Lesson 1): Make yourself visible to everyone on social media

There are only a small number of veteran or long term MLM professionals. By volume, the vast majority of people in any MLM or affiliate business are newbies, people who see what we see and decided they want a piece of it – sadly though, they quickly get disheartened or despondent because they are unable to build businesses for no other reason than no one shows them how to do it.

For the experienced among us, we’ve made the mistakes over many months, if not years – that’s how we learnt. I first got involved in MLM 20 years ago and I am still learning, but what I do know, I’m prepared to share with anyone who wants help.

So, first things first – Facebook is one of the best tools we have to build our business “for free”…WHEN we know how to use it properly.

SPAMMING is never going to help you build your business, in fact it is the number one reason people get turned off. Your job is to understand Facebook and how it works. You want maximum exposure to your posts (Your post will be in another lesson), and the best way to get that exposure is have people share your posts to their friends.

I’ve looked at a few of your profiles, and there are a high number of you who are very private so your posts only get shared with the people you choose, so for example if I am one of your friends, one of those people who is on your list, and I share your post, only the other people on your list who we have in common can see your posts – get it?

You want it so that when I share your post, all my friends who are not your friends list see your post also, and if they like your post and they like you, they will friend you – hey presto, you have a new lead, someone you can talk to about your opportunity. Make yourselves visible to everyone.

Allow people to ‘follow you’, that way every time you post, it will appear in their newsfeed. So lesson for today – Make yourself visible and make sure people can ‘Follow you” as well as friend request you.

Using Facebook to Build a Business: How to make yourself visible

  1. Go to settings in Facebook, the little down arrow far right on the top)
  2. On the left tool bar, click Public Posts
  3. Click on the toggle pencils – ‘who do you want to share with’ and select Public
  4. Make sure ‘Who can follow you’ is set to public – this is key. Even if you’re profile is public, does not mean that people can follow you – this was a mistake I made.

Using Facebook to Build a Business (Lesson 2): Don’t Spam, Create intrigue  

I see it all the time, all over Facebook and I’m sure you do too, people posting “join my business, it pays 1% a day. Here’s my link, sign up now”. Think about this, would you sign up based on that? probably not, so why should anyone else.

It’s called SPAMMING and nobody likes to be SPAMMED. People buy people so you need to become someone people want to work with.

We who are in this business are a different breed, we are prepared to take a chance and try something new, to step out of our comfort zone, but the vast majority of people are not built like us.

They need coaching, looking after, someone to hold their hand, they feel that they can’t do it, so they don’t, that’s where we come in. You are looking to sponsor others.

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The word sponsor comes from the word responsibility. If you sponsor someone, until they can do it themselves, you become responsible for them.

So, how you post? Imagine this. Tom and Jerry are both in USI, so they both have the same deal to offer. Now Tom and Jerry share a number of friends, so the same friends get to see the posts from Tom and from Jerry.

Now Tom just SPAMS everyone “Join my business so I can make commissions off you, it’s this new thing called bitcoin or something and its great, is gone up in value and everything and it’s called USI and here’s my link….just join”.

Tom’s audience know now exactly what Tom is doing and based on the insignificant information that Tom has provided, they make a decision and don’t join his business.

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If you are guilty of doing this, check who likes or shares your posts, I bet it is only people who are already in the business – am I right!!!

Jerry’s approach is different. Jerry educates his friends, telling them what bitcoin is and how it works, where it came from, what it can do, he posts links to YouTube videos about bitcoin (NOT USI) so that without Jerry even knowing, they can quietly go and find out what this bitcoin thing is which builds the credibility of your offering.

Jerry posts other things that educate his friends about this world, news, events and mentions that if anyone needs any help or wants to understand more about bitcoin, then he is available and to contact him.

All this builds further credibility, both in his offering BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY in Jerry. Jerry becomes someone of value, someone who his friends can approach to find out what bitcoin is, someone who THEY feel can help THEM.

Jerry also starts to post that he is taking his family on vacation or that he has bought a new car or that he’s decided to take the afternoon off, something that shows that Jerry’s life is changing – “Why is Jerry’s life changing, what is he doing, what’s this bitcoin?”. Jerry has created intrigue. He’s not once mentioned USI but he has raised enough interest for his friends to PM him, or come over to him in the bar and talk to him about it.

So Spike comes over to Jerry in a bar and says “I’ve been watching your posts and I clicked on a few YouTube videos, tell me more.”

Even now, Jerry doesn’t tell Spike about USI, he finds out why Spike is asking about it, why does he want to know more and identifies how serious he is about making money.

He asks Spike questions that stir up emotions and get him thinking about making some changes in his life for the better. Jerry gets Spike to make his own decision about making these changes by getting Spike to convince himself that this is what he wants.

Now this part is very important…Jerry makes sure that Spike knows that Jerry will help him and support him so that Spike does not feel alone or that doubt does not creep in to Spike’s head. When Jerry is convinced that Spike wants it for himself as much as Jerry wants it for Spike, he tells Spike about USI.

At this point, USI becomes the answer to Spike’s dreams because the credibility is there, the desire is there and the support to achieve his dreams is there.

Help enough people get what they want, and you can have everything you want.

Using Facebook to Build a Business: Homework:

  • Take off any affiliate link you have on your Facebook page. No more posting about affiliate. Get people intrigued about what you are doing, enough for them to approach you. We want people asking us, not us telling or selling to them.
  • Become the Go To person in your circle about Bitcoin.
    Be consistent. Post something about bitcoin or yourself EVERYDAY.

Using Facebook to Build a Business (Lesson 3): Have perfect understanding of what you’re promoting

Mr. Daniel used bitcoin as an example here:

What’s Bitcoin, never even heard of it – good luck with that!!” is usually the first thing someone would reply when we are “pitching’ USI and this is our first stumbling block.

We need to become attractive. We need to be regarded as educated about the field we are in and we only need to be that little bit more educated than the next person for that person to look up to us as someone who knows more than them.

Now I’m heavily in to BTC, I know a lot about it, but 18 months ago I had not even hear of it. I have techie friends, one of which was instrumental in the development of 3G, the thing that makes your phone work, he had not even heard of BTC until I told him about it last month.

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BTC is BRAND NEW. No one knows about it so to gather information about it which makes you more knowledgeable about it than others is so much easier than say becoming more educated about health products than most for example. By simply knowing that it exists gives you an edge over literally billions of people – so let’s build on that.

BTC is a new money – NOT CURRENCY – your homework is to learn the difference. Whether you want to build this business or not, I implore you to watch Mike Maloney’s Hidden Secrets Of Money. 

It – will -blow – your – mind.

If you understand what MONEY is and the difference between Money and Currency, you’re confidence in BTC and USI and what you are doing will go through the roof – and this will show up in your demeanour and people will see it, trust me.

Until you understand this stuff, you have absolutely no idea what you have your hands on here, and the possibilities it holds, and what it can do for us as individuals and our society and the sheer size of the opportunity we have by simply knowing it exists.

Mike Maloney has put together 7 or the most incredible videos which must be the cornerstone of your education on BTC. I’d go so far as to make your kids watch these videos and if we all did that, debt would be irradiated within a generation. Watch them, then share them with others and give them the opportunity to get educated. You’re chances of explaining what you are doing when the person you are speaking to knows what bitcoins is improved dramatically.

Watch all 7 videos and subscribe to his YouTube channel so you can keep up to date with new stuff he brings out.

Using Facebook to Build a Business (Lesson 4): Compound Interest

So USI is great and bitCoin rules, but what you need to understand is what Einstein termed as the 8th Wonder Of The World – Compound Interest – It is this that can make you rich and it is this which makes USI so powerful.

Using Facebook to Build a Business: The Compound Effect works both ways – Positive and Negative

If I eat a donut today for example, it is not going to make me fat, but if I eat a donut each day for year, I’m most certainly not going to be able to pull off my Daniel Craig Walking Out Of The Sea look.

Likewise, if I drop down and do 10 push ups today, I’m not instantly going to get me some kick ass pecks and a 6 pack, but if I do 10 push ups a day each day for a year, I’m certainly going to look better in my budgie smugglers.

Small, consistent and seemingly insignificant efforts over a period of time can have dramatic and life changing effects both positively and negatively.

The same goes for money. People complain that they have no money, yet they do not think twice about getting smashed on a Saturday night, or buying a Starbucks each morning on the way to work, or buying that new jumper that they do not need nor can ill afford, and worse still they do it using credit cards and overdrafts and loans which compound further as the debt attracts interest.

This is borrowing off ones future self in order to satisfy a need or want today and it compounds over time which results in a life where they are ladened with debt and a slave to the system. We are programmed to take instant gratification by the banks and the media to live a lifestyle that we have not yet earned.

The same money used to buy a €3 cup of coffee a day for example works out at over €1000 a year – THATS 20 BTC PACKS, pour compounding in to the mix and you can see how powerful this can get.

Using Facebook to Build a Business: Homework:
Learn to Pay Yourself First by reading one of the best books I have every read and a book which displays the effects of Compounding –

The Richest Man In Babylon

If you have read this book, I suggest you read it again, if you haven’t yet read this book, I highly recommend you do.

This is a link to a free copy of the book. It is only 70 pages long and you can read it in a night. Once you understand this concept, I promise you, your life will never be the same again.

Using Facebook to Build a Business (Lesson 5): Believe in yourself

I don’t care how good your opportunity is, if you don’t believe it, no one you are talking to will either. I can go one better than that too, if you don’t believe in yourself, no one is join you or your business.

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There is a wealth of knowledge out there available to us all. 100 years ago Andrew Carnegie was the richest man on the planet. Andrew Carnegie wrote down his life’s goal which was to spend the first half of his life acquiring money, and the second half of it, giving it all away.

Andrew Carnegie was born in to a normal working class family and he never forgot that. He knew the struggles people have and the limitations which keep them in poverty – these limitations where nothing more than education or lack of it.

Carnegie was responsible for erecting libraries across the globe, giving everyday people the opportunity to educate themselves and attain a higher status if they chose.

Today, libraries are closing at an astonishing rate because of the internet. We literally have a world of information in our pockets. We can find the answer to any question and watch a video on ‘how to do’ anything, within seconds.

Lack of knowledge or access to that knowledge is no longer an excuse. We can be and do anything we choose, but what stops us from doing it is our belief. This belief comes from what we see, what we read, who we associate with and what they tell us.

Ask yourself this, the 5 people I spend most of my time with (discounting your kinds of course), what do they do for a living, where do they live, what are their beliefs and philosophies, what are their goals and aspirations and more importantly, would I want what they have.

There is a saying that goes, ‘You are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with’. Who are you spending your time with? Will they get you to where you want to be or will they keep you where you are?

Since my teens I’ve been committed to personal development and it is this which has got me to where I am in life (retired at 38) and also got me though some very though times.

I should have and could have quit so many times, but it was my belief in what I was doing and most importantly my belief in myself that pulled me through it.

There are so many books and tapes available, and I’m confident that many of you have read books which have changed your thinking, changed your state and changed your life and I ask you to tell us all, the book or books which changed your life in the comments below.

Let’s build a library to share.

Whether you THINK you can, or THINK you can’t – you’re right….Henry Ford

To get you started I recommend you listen to George Zalucki’s – Profile of a Champion.

Think & Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill – I recommend you buy this book and read it, but here is the audio book on YouTube:


These lessons were written by a personal development expert and social media strategist, Daniel Booth,few insertions of the keyword “Using Facebook to Build a Business” and a few external links were done by the Infobase Media team

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