How to find love on EbonyLife TV Dating Game Nigeria

How to find love on EbonyLife TV Dating Game Nigeria

Last updated on August 31st, 2018 at 01:42 pm

Looking for love? It may be your chance to find a partner on EbonyLife TV Dating Game Nigeria, an exciting match making show.

In a release by the TV station, The Dating Game Nigeria will give single contestants a chance to find love by asking three hidden suitors a number of questions.

The Dating Game has been on for decades and airing in over 25 countries courtesy Sony Pictures Television, but Africans viewers will be watching and participating in the Dating Game for the first time.

Format of EbonyLife TV Dating Game Nigeria

Single contestants will ask three hidden suitors a number of questions., and whoever the contestant thinks gave the best answers is chosen and gets a chance to go on a date with the man or woman who asked the questions.

In the following episode, the audience gets to see what happened on the date and whether the couple want to see each other again.

Founder and CEO of the entertainment and inspiring TV station, Mo Abudu, said:

“It’s a fun way to meet interesting people and maybe find that special one. We are thrilled at the prospect of bringing people together, with lots of great ways to have a wonderful first date.

How to apply for EbonyLife TV Dating Game Nigeria

  1. Record a 1 minute YouTube video highlighting what you look for in a future partner, and the one thing you cannot stand in a relationship.
  2. Copy the link of your short video (YouTube)
  3. Head straight to the application portal at com/auditions/dating-game-nigeria/
  4. Complete the online form and leave no field empty.
  5. Add link of your video to a section in the application form.
  6. Read and Sign your release form.
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If you eventually find love on the Dating Game, don’t forget the tips that will make your relationship a success.

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