Black Friday Shopping Tips

Online shopping factors you need to know before buying online

BLACK FRIDAY– “ the day after the US holiday of Thanksgiving, regarded as the first day of the Christmas shopping season, on which retailers make many special offers”.

This is one special day in a year that people always look forward to for shopping. What are your thoughts about ‘Black Friday’?

The origin of Black Friday dated as far back as 24th September,1869. Two people who are known for leading in illicit activities to monopolize the gold market by buying every piece of gold to cause scarcity that would increase the rate so they can sell to make more profits.

The stock market plunged by over twenty percent within few days after their plans to monopolize the business got leaked.

It created a huge loss to the general public and investors alike. Consequently, the crisis that occurred was tagged “ BLACK FRIDAY”.

In Philadelphia, in the 1950’s prior to military football festival usually on Saturday. Fans, shoppers and tourist traveled there in large numbers after Thanksgiving, leading to a crowded city, which makes an additional work to the police department to help keep people in check, to maintain law and order, usually tedious for them. That day got labeled BLACK FRIDAY.

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Although, it became popular in early 1990’s with the help of the media across United States. It exposed more businesses to the opportunities of making more sales on this particular day.

They were able to make more profits with large turn out of people queuing at their shops, this signifies extreme profits margin, the large numbers resulted “in black” (profitable) as opposed to “in the red ( making losses).

With advancement in technology most people can shop the BLACK FRIDAY deals online from the comfort of their environment, putting into consideration online shopping factors for you to have brilliant shopping experience.

Black Friday Shopping Tips

The following points will help you prepare yourself for a fun Black Friday deals

  • Planning
  • Making Enquiries
  • Visit Websites
  • Download Apps
  • Be early enough
  • Check out for competitive prices
  • Watch out for discounts codes
  • Be on time
  • Have a shopping partner
  • Rest well prior to the day
  • Focus

Planning –To avoid being distracted, make a comprehensive list of things you need before the kick off time for Black Friday.

Financial Plan –Another Black Friday tip is for you to estimate your income and expenses with limits to the amount you will spend on that day.

Making Enquiries –Find out everything about the products you want to purchase not to fall prey to inferior ones because of the price point.

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Visit Websites –Take time to check websites related to your needs and sign up for alerts – emails, newsletters SMS.

Download Apps –Make sure to download related apps of your desired products because some businesses will only have deals on their apps.

Be early enough –Black Friday deals starts at 12:00 am when people are answering the call of nature.

Check out for competitive prices

Be on the lookout, fund your debit cards, make sure there’s enough money to complete transactions.

Watch out for discounts codes, coupons or vouchers.

Be on time, you could start with online shopping before visiting physical shops during the day.

Have a shopping partner – help each other through shopping, less cumbersome.

Rest well prior to the day.

Have you children stay at home so you can focus more on shopping.

Carry your items around as you shop.

Final thought:

Some e-commerce platforms run Black Friday throughout a month. For instance Jumia Nigeria plans to run black Friday deals every Friday in the month of November, meaning every Friday in November you have access to wide range of products (smartphones, fridge, wears, phones, etc) to buy at cheaper prices.

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Check what you’re buying very well, don’t be excited about the price. For instance buying shoes online is a different ball game compared to other products.

Black Friday deals can be found at conventional shops and online platforms, whichever you choose try as much as possible to protect your debit or credit cards, and check the URL of the website you’re shopping from so as to avoid landing on cloned website.

Happy shopping!

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