Play These 3 Remitano Games To Win Free Bitcoin

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There are several tasks if successfully completed can bring in some free coins into your crypto wallet. In this post, we’ll share with you top three games you can play on to win free bitcoin on remitano in the month of August 2020.

For those who are familiar with how cryptocurrency works, you know that it’s possible to earn free bitcoins on some of the peer-to-peer bitcoin market places like remitano.

In the latest remitano games for free bitcoin, Nigeria is among other countries that have access to the game. So, let’s get started.

3 Remitano Games You Should Play To Win Free Bitcoin

  1. Crypto quiz
  2. Guess the price of bitcoin
  3. Good question, good answer

You might be asking: How can I play any of the above games and win free bitcoin? Is it one of the gimmicks?

Your BTC wallet would definitely be credited if you’re one the lucky winner.

How can I participate?

First, sign up for an account on remitano, confirm your email address and setup your account (username etc)

Crypto quiz #17

Here you’re expected to challenge yourself with knowledge of the happenings in the Crypto world through which $100 worth of bitcon can be yours.


Topic: Crypto News

Joining time: from 06 August 2020 to 09 August 2020. (All answers submitted after 23:59:59, 09 August 2020 (GMT+7) will be disregarded.)

The results will be announced on 10 August 2020.

How to win the prize

Step 1: Share the post on your Facebook publicly with the hashtag #remitano_forum , #minigame , #remitano_crypto_quiz

Step 2: Click on the photo below to take the quiz below:

Play These 3 Remitano Games To Win Free Bitcoin

Step 3: Comments to confirm that you have taken the quiz using this format: Your username + “I have taken the quiz” and upload your sharing proof.

Follow the instruction on the post.

Guess the price of bitcoin

Called minigame, if you’ve following bitcoin trend in the last eight weeks, this game is for you to guess the price of bitcoin and stand a chance to earn some free bitcoin in the guess right, get prize game to win $1,000 worth of bitcoin

See the guide below:

Joining time: 06 – 21 August, 2020

Predicted object: the last 4 digits of Bitcoin price on Bitstamp exchange at 12:00 (GMT+7) on 25 August 2020

During the event period, players who have completed all the minigame requirements will unlock the prize according to the number of commenters below this post:

How to join:

Step 1: Watch Bitstamp’s chart and choose the price range that you think the BTC will be in:

Step 2: Comment right bellow following this format: Your choosen price range (A/B/C/…)+your guessed the last 4 digits of Bitcoin price (no space in the format)
Example: C1138

Step 3: Share this announcement and upload your proof to post your comment

Check out the rules and details are on remitano website

Good question, good answer

The last remitano gamest to win free bitcoin is what the company tagged, “Good questions – Good answers”

Price: $270 worth of bitcoin.

Time of participation: July 30th — August 12th, 2020

The result will be announced on August 13th, 2020

Here you provide a knowledge-based answer and analysis to cryptocurrency question.


“Could the development of CBDC be accelerated by the impact of the coronavirus on retail payment, which have seen a sharp decline in cash payments due to concerns over viral transmission ”

Check the official site for details

Final thought:

In bitcoin game and win challenge like the August edition of Remitano Games, your ability to strictly follow the instructions is the number step in winning the challenge. The above are Remitano Games To Win Free Bitcoin, for now, we’ll keep you updated as we come across other games where you can get some free coins.

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