African Union Youth Volunteer Corps 9th Batch (AU-YVC): Application Process

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Application portal for the African Union Youth Volunteer Corps application 9th Edition (AU-YVC) has opened for citizens of AU member countries.

The volunteer job allows young African professionals to serve for a period of one year (12 months) in an AU member State other their own country.

Eligibility for AUYVC

To apply for any of the available positions, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must a citizen of an AU Member State living on the continent or the Diaspora;
  • You must be at least 18 years old, and at not above 35 years;
  • You must have a post-secondary certified qualification(s) (TVET, Bachelor’s, Master’s etc.)
  • You must be ready and available in 2018/19 to dedicate 12 (twelve) months for volunteer work;
  • You must be ready and willing to live and work in another AU Member State;
  • Applicant must also be proficient in at least one AU working language (Arabic, English, French, Portuguese);
  • You must have at least one year verifiable volunteering experience and one year professional work experience.

This job is relevant to N-power beneficiaries, particularly the 2016 first batch, who are already in their second year of the programme. This means the number seven criterion makes you qualify.

  • power is a 2-year volunteer job, hope you know?

Completing the online form for African Union Youth Volunteer Corps Application 9th edition

 To apply for any of the AU-YVC positions, you will first need to create a profile, and this is how to go about it

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Step 1:

Create an account on the portal (instructions and video tutorial available)or you skip that process by creating a Union Youth Volunteer Corps application

Alternatively, you can click the New E-recruitment System if you’re a first timer, if you’re a returning applicant, who wants to check his status then click Old E-recruitment System

Make sure you first read through the post that applies to you.

Step 2:

 Fill out your personal information and the application formAfrican Union Youth Volunteer Corps application 9th edition

After activating your application profile, head back to the listed positions at the home page, in front of the number vacant positions is AU-YVC, in front of it click LOGIN/REGISTER to apply.African Union Youth Volunteer Corps application 9th edition

The the following documents are required:

  • Your updated professional CV (no longer than 3 pages)
  • Bio page of your passport (or national ID)
  • Copy of your highest completed qualification (no transcripts)
  • Attach a letter of recommendation (not older than 2 years) attesting to your leadership qualities

Attach your cover letter. In your cover letter try as much as possible to adequately  respond to the following questions:

  • Why do you want to become an African Union Youth Volunteer?
  • What makes you the best candidate for AU-YVC?
  • What skills are you bringing to the AU-YVC and your host organization?

Step 3: Major parts of African Union Youth Volunteer Corps (AU-YVC) application form

Part 1: Personal Data

This is explanatory. It contains your name, country, phone number and your e-mail address through which you can be contacted.

Part 2: Education/Qualifications

Check sample of this part below in the table below:


Start Date


End Date


Educational Institution Location Country Education Level


Highest Degree/Certificate
05.01.2008 Nigeria Bachelors / Licence (B+3) Bachelor of Arts
14.02.2002 Nigeria Diploma OND
08.01.1994 Nigeria Certificate SSCE




Part 3: Work Experience

You must at least fill one here. If you’re one of the N-power volunteers, then making N-power your first and most recent work experience will be great because it’s relevant to the specific role the AU-YVC wants.

Don’t forget to clearly spell out your roles in your Place of Primary Assignment.

For instance if you belong to N-power Teach, then you can can state your responsibilities thus:

  • Helping to improve basic education delivery in Nigeria
  • Working as a support teacher in my state
  • Assisting in class and school management

Part 4: Preferences

Which parts of African countries will you like to serve. Set your preferences in the following areas: salary, area you will like to work.

Part 5: Attachments

Get ready the following credentials: Formal qualification, Diploma (if you have one), ID document (this could be your state or local government identification), Passport (International Passport if you have one), passport photograph, Reference (letter of recommendation), your CV, and other certificates.

If there is any merit award you got as an undergraduate or while serving your fatherland you can upload them here.

Part 6: Overview and Release

At this stage clicking on next will automatically download your own copy of your completed application form.African Union Youth Volunteer Corps application 9th edition

NOTE:Under “Do you want to be considered for open job vacancies? Tick the option “I want to release my profile in order to be considered for other employment opportunities as well.

It is in your advantage. This is to allow other recuiters to access your data in accordance with the data privacy statement.African Union Youth Volunteer Corps application 9th edition

Part 7: Completed

You’re done

Recruitment timetable for African Union Youth Volunteer Corps application 9th edition

  • 15 June  – eligibility check;
  • 31 July – successful applicants will be notified;
  • September/October: Pre-deployment orientation training;
  • 2018/19: Deployment of trained volunteers.

AU-YVC Entitlements

If you made the final list, then be rest assured that the African Union Commission and partners will cover the full costs of your pre-deployment training and cost of deployment.

On deployment, the African Union Youth Volunteers receive the following:

  • Economy return air ticket from home town to place of deployment
  • A modest monthly stipend
  • Health insurance cover
  • AU Service Passport
  • Separation allowance on successful completion of twelve months service

Duration of programme: one year (12 months)

Deployment for 2019: May 15-31, 2018

Mode of application: Online at

Application fee: FREE

Why your African Union Youth Volunteer Corps application 9th edition may not be accepted:

  • If your application is incomplete.
  • If you submit your application late
  • If you provided incomplete information
  • Finally, if you provided false or information you can’t substantiate


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  1. I can’t login into my account even though I did a password reset. And since I received an update in my email that my application is received and being process, i didnt received any more update uptill now, what happen


    HI Dadung,

    Please be patience, according to their twitter page, shortlisting began in July, and considering the number of applications received, it might take a little time for you to get update.

  2. Hello, please I have Been unable to login with my username and password, the page keeps telling me “there are too many failed attempts” and I also clicked on the “forgot password” all I get is error.

    1. Opeyemi Quadri

      Hi Adewale,

      In less than 4 days submission of application will be over. Please ensure that you have strong internet connection. Before that clear cache of your browser. And make sure you’re using the right link to access the portal.

      Another thing that could be responsible for that is huge traffic to the portal. Many people may be trying to access the same website the same time. Why not try it late in the night when traffic must have reduced.

      Try it and give us a feedback, in case you need our assistance.

      All the best

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