Requirements For NIN Correction of Name, Date of Birth (NIN Modification)

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The privilege for Nigerians to edit their data on their National Identity Number (NIN) became necessary because there are people who had typographical mistakes or those whose marital status has changed.

This guide explores how you can apply to make corrections on your NIN name, date of birth, and other details to reflect your present status as a Nigerian. The good news is that there is a solution to whatever error you may have made during the enrolment process.

For Nigerians in Canada, Germany, the United, United States, and others around the world, we put a guide together on how to enroll in your country of residence, you can find it at:

Major Reasons For NIN Data Modification

There are seven major reasons why you may want to modify your National Identity Number data, they are:

  • Marital status
  • Unintentional mistakes
  • Wrongly spelt name
  • change of address
  • Change of Phone Number
  • level of education
  • change of occupation

This process also applies to how to apply for the correction of date of birth at any of the branches of the National Identity Management Commission closer to you.

Major Requirements for NIN Data Modification:

You’re expected to present the following documents if you want to make changes to your NIN slip:

1) Original copy of the first NIN slip issued to you

2) Printout of the Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) Number which you paid on remita (see below for payment guide) you can also choose a cafe or bank because you will need the printout copy.

3) Application Letter signed by you for the change you want to make on your data (The reason must be stated)

Requirements for Change of Name

You must present the following documents:

  • Sworn Affidavit
  • Newspaper Extract
  • Marriage Certificate (for married ladies)

Requirements for Change of Address

  • Utility Bill
  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Bank Statement
  • Community leader Attestation

Requirements for Change of Phone Number:

You can also update the phone number on your NIN data due to loss or mechanical damage to the previous one, you must present the following documents:

  • Police Report

Requirements for change of level of education

  • Present the recent Certificate obtained;

Requirements for Change of Occupation

  • Offer Letter from your employer.

Modification Process

Now that you know all you need to make corrections to your data, it’s time to begin the process:

1) Locate NIMC office near you with the required documents including the printout of the Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) Number

2) Request for a data modification form and fill it

3) Submit to an enrolment officer to double-check against the supporting documentation to ensure everything is correct

NB: Applicants who cannot read or write should go with someone who would assist with the filling of the form.

4) Your pre-filled information will be inputted on the NIMC Software by the enrolment officer.

5) You’ll be asked to double-check the information you provided to avoid any error.

6) Your biometrics will be captured

7) A Transaction ID Slip will be printed and given to you

8) You’ll have to submit the former NIN Slip to the NIMC office

9) Come back to the NIMC office for your NIN slip in 2 days or more

10) Report back to the NIMC office to collect a new National Identification Number Slip


If the correction affects the information on your National ID card, a card replacement form will be given to you while you’re expected to submit the old ID card while a modified National e-ID Card will be issued to you within three months after re-issuance of NIN slip (Most times it could take up to a year)

How can I change my name in NIN?

To make name modifications, visit the NIMC office. The agency claimed it is N500, but it is highly expensive than this.

An applicant said she was asked to pay N15,000 to modify her name, but NIMC has consistently claimed ignorance to the bribery and corruption perpetrated by its officials.

In one of our articles, we pointed out that NIMC is one of the revenue-generating agencies of the Federal Government.

Whatever the cost is let’s look at the documents you need to effect name change on your NIN data

How to Make Payment To NIMC Using TSA Payments Via Remita

TSA means Treasury Single Account, that’s the medium through which payment is made into the purse of the Federal Government.

Note that the available options to make TSA payment include:

  1. Card (making payment through your debit card)
  2. Bank account (Sterling and UBA)
  3. Bank branch  (you’ll get RRR if you making payment through bank)
  4. USSD
  5. Internet banking
  6. Remita (if your remita account is funded)
  7. Wallet (supported PAGA only)
  8. Phone number (supported by PayAttitude)

How to make payment for NIN modification of data

  • Step 1: Visit to start the payment process.
  • Step 2: Click on the option ‘Pay TSA&States‘
  • Step 3: Choose the Federal Government in the options.
  • Step 4: Under, “What do you want to Pay” simply type in ‘National Identity Management Commission.


GIFMIS Code for NIMC is 011103600100

Under the “Name of service/purpose”, choose ‘correction of date of birth”

Or any other service you want to pay for.

On the remita platform, modification of name shows N500, and if you can make the payment by yourself by signing up on remita.

Fill other spaces provided like your name, phone number, email etc

Tick the ‘I am not a robot’ reCAPTCHA checkbox and click on the stated selection of images before clicking on the ‘Verify’ button.

  • Step 5: Click on the ‘Submit’ icon to ͞proceed to payment.
  • Step 6: Choose any payment method convenient for you to make payment
  • Step 7: Take receipt of payment to NIMC office


A new page comes up which will display your RRR – Remita Retrieval Reference at the top of the page if you making payment through bank branch. Print the invoice and take note of your RRR.

Can I change my date of birth in the NIMC office?

Yes, you can submit an application for a change of date of birth. You don’t have to go to Abuja to effect any change on your NIN data.

Anything you submitted at its branch office will be forwarded to Abuja for the change to reflect on your new NIN slip.

How much is NIN Name modification?

The cost of NIN correction of name is N500 on the NIMC official portal, but we received a complaint that NIMC officials collect N15, 000 in Kaduna, Kano.

NIMC Correction Of Date Of Birth: N15,000 (we’ve received a complaint that an official of NIMC asked an applicant to bring N50, 000 in one of the South-Eastern states)

How can I make payment for NIN modification?

To make payment for NIN data modification, you’ll have to make payment through remita. This is done through commercial banks in Nigeria.

How long will it take for NIN to be validated?

It can take between 3 to 5 business working days. However, it could take longer (like up to a month) in certain cases due to validation of details at NIMC.

How will I know if my NIN has been validated?

To know if you NIN has been validated, you can simply dial *109#, enter your 11 digits NIN Number and wait for a message.

Can I do NIN twice with a different name?

You can only enrol for NIN once in a lifetime unless you want to make changes to your name. In that case, you can apply for NIN change of name. See the requirements for name change above.

If you registered twice, the Automated Biometric Information System (ABIS) will detect and flag you as double registration.

Final thought

If you can diligently follow the process of making payment for a change of date of birth or change of name on NIMC, your stress would be reduced in the application process. Alternatively, you can locate NIMC state offices in your location to begin the process.

if you don’t have a national ID card, you can begin the application process by first downloading the NIN enrolment form, fill, and submit at the nearest NIMC office to you.

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  1. Why is the Nigerian government bent on making life unnecessarily difficult for the masses? Why the gigantuous difference in the amount required to be paid for CHANGE OF NAME and CHANGE IN DATE OF BIRTH. ?

    The poor man in the village who finds it exceedingly difficult to feed 3 times a day unfortunately has an error in recording of information by one useless and very careless NIMC agent, which for obvious reasons isn’t the man’s fault; and now he is being compelled to pay N15000 Remitta to effect correction having being denied the opportunity of making calls to make ends meet in the name of enforcement of NIN linking with his phone numbers. Habba!!! Can’t this government be sensitive for once to consider the masses who are always cajoled to vote them in power. Honestly, it is very saddening.

  2. Good evening please anybody that have link of where I can change my date of birth, please its very urgent

  3. Sir,I did my change of birth on NIN on the 1th of April and up till now no change has been corrected it still shows my old date what should I do

  4. I went to correct my date of birth in one center in bauchi state the told me that I should payed 65,000 before my date of birth and change but I see the commission has said 15,000 so please how can you help me.

  5. After paying for change of birth and followed due process, went back to collect my NIN and they ask me to verify it then went to use it to purchase sim card my old date of birth was still showing instead of the new one after one month. Pls what could be the cause of it and why didn’t it change to the new date of birth they input on their system. Pls reply me is very urgent basis thanks

  6. I made a change of only my surname on the 07/03/2022, but up till now I have been on the report that the data base is not yet upload to effect my change which I urgently need and I was give NINMC helpdesck mail, customercare mail and Information center mail all this I have sent to, to help me upload or update but to my surprise no response up till now and I also send reminder everyday. Although I did it through agent as they direct me from there office at ifo LGA office and paid sum of #4,000 . Please all I needed now is my data to be upload to give me room to move ahead. Please I need your help here sir/ ma
    Titus Shola Peter
    Ogun state

    • Has it reflectex Mr Titus cos am also having same issue and it hasn’t reflected here. Pls kindly reach me on this WhatsApp no 09097961125 if it has to knw how you went about it sir. Thanks.

      • Plss I need a help I’m how to go on with the remittant and make the change of name and address
        Plssss waiting for help

  7. My biggest problem here is where or how to get money to pay the sum of 15,000 naira to correct my name or date of birth sir.

    You and I know that the country had and with the way things are going I don’t know if there’s a way they can reduce the money for all the changes

    I think it will be nice please and some of us we’re students and I’m not working please you people should look for a way forward to make things easier for us abeg because I know everything is money and there’s no money now in Nigeria like before please what do we do now or let me just speak for myself sir what will I do 15k is much abeg. Thank you very much sir

    • That means you don’t need it ,if you Need it you will pay any amount,,I did my own I paid 45k and is out

  8. Please the guy that did my NIN enrollment for me, used his own fingerprint instead of mine
    Will that affect me in any way?

  9. My date of birth is April 13, but April 30 was written on it, I wish to change it, what are the procedure

  10. There is a mistake in my name and Is affecting my account seriously…. I went to the local government in my area and they said I should pay 15000 for changing of name..
    Please what should I do

  11. My name Alice Daniel, I live i osogbo Osun state. I have issue correcting my gender on the national ID card, which I have done several times. Yet it has not been reflected on the portal. Anytime I needed to use the National ID card, the portal still reflect that I am male instead of a female.
    Pls how do I go about this, this issues have made my appointment on hault because of the gender problem.pls I need your assistance.

  12. There is a mistake on my date of birth……i told the people in de Nin office that am 18years,only God know how they put 48years there…
    right now i need the Nin to fill my jamb form and i cant make use of it,until the mistake is been corrected….pls tell me is there any other alternative

  13. Sir my birth format was misplaced my date of birth should be 5th of June 1996 on my not 6th of May 1996 on my BVN…I was told by bank officials that to change it I must be needing NIN to change it thus I opted for NIN but the nonchalant official still used my BVN erroneous data for registration, therefore, posing a bigger problem…
    Now I intend to register JAMB and NIN os needed and I know the penalty of using erroneous NIN like mine please sir how do I go about this cause I’m in a lot of debt already 15,000 can skim me off balance.
    advice is greatly needed…please the jamb registration is greatly needed.

  14. I went to one NIMC office in Ilorin for correction of date of birth (to be changed from 1981 to 1970). An NIMC official working there told me NIMC would not change it for me because the difference is too large (11 years). Is this true? If yes, what is your best advice sir?

    • Yes they are right! Because I went to the office with thesame issue with yours but the difference is, mine is just addition of 2 years but I correct it, but if it’s more than five years it won’t be done

      • Sir which State did you do that and how much did it cost you? Please because I need to modify my name and also change my date of birth with 2 year difference

    • Hi Bola,
      Please I’d like to know if you’ve been able to find a way around the modification of your date of birth.
      I have a colleague who is also facing the same challenge and doesn’t know how to go about it.
      I’d be really glad to hear from you.
      Thank you.
      Kind regards,
      Ayo Aken.

      • Update: Yes, I was able to correct mine in less than one week with a strong collection at Abuja and much higher fee. Initially, I was told the same story in my state that they would not change my DOB of 11 years. But now it’s done. Nothing is impossible if you know someone.

        • Can you give me the person’s number, I need to correct my date of birth as well and I want it in less than a week.

          • The person I contacted told me he does not want his number posted publicly, although I have it. I published my own contact here but it was removed by the admin of this blog.

        • Hi Bola pls can I get the contact of the person that help you to solve cause am facing the same issues on .

  15. Please NIMC should look into some state such Ondo state and Lagos state , apparently the NIN officials are demanding extra 5,000-16,000 for change of name and #500 for printing which is not supposed to be so. Please look into this because I will be forced to make a video of them and upload on social media if they try this with me next time. (and some of the staff are so rude) Nawa….

    • Sir,I mistakenly put May 28th 2001 in my NIN instead of May 28th 2003 and It was registered for my jamb like that pls ma how can I rectify it please ma that it won’t be affect me please

    • Please nin official are making money I went to alausa in ikeja to modify my name I was ask to bring 15000

    • Is this your complain is directly for government own office or from a private sector. Because you can’t expect someone that uses his own harden money to set up something for this hard time and expect him to run a charity organization for you. I face the same issue but I understood with them.
      Government said do NIN but did government provide all the necessary equipment for this exercise? The answer is capital no. So the individual have seen an opportunity and the are using it to make money. That’s The country we are my sister

  16. How can i change my all details from my national ID card include my date of birth
    Am using kaduna state details before but now i want to use Bauchi state details

  17. How will I correct my sunam and the date of my birth ibasinachi to ubasinachi 23/06/1986 to 23/06/1989

  18. I did my name change and was given a new slip with the new name. But when I checked on the NIMC mobile app to print out my digital NIN I couldn’t believe what I saw. The old surname is still showing. Which kind of country is this for crying out loud.

  19. After everything Nigeria officially announced the corrections of name on national ID for 15000 hmmmmm
    What this country is turning to?

  20. My name is owolabi oke John not owolabi Monday john please how can you help me to correct it please the problem is happen to me on my nin and account please help me out

  21. Please i need advise urgently i enrolled my NIN without local government of origin and i want to apply for NPF they said my local government of origin is not there what can i do?

  22. The amount of money and crazy protocols this NIMC office use in altering errors is really out of this world…
    Nothing comes out easy in this country
    So someone will have to pay #500 and also get a police statement when he/she lost her phone number and clearly we know what that means( Another billing)


    • You don’t need to update that because even you spend your money to change that you still going to grow taller, so I suggest you leave it as it was.

  24. There is a mistake on my dob, instead of 1998 they wrote 1988, and I have paid 15k on remita for the correction of the Dob, And I now took the slip to the NIN office, And what they told me is I should come with my school certificate that they wrote 1998 inside, And my SSCE neco didn’t have such a thing also my my primary 6 certificate, pls sir/ma help me out

  25. Hi
    Complete of the Season
    Pls, sir,
    There was a mistake in my date of birth, I want to change it… I was told I will have to get to Abuja before I can correct it. I have not been to Abuja once and I don’t even have money for such much trip( accommodation and Transport) pls sir, is there a way I can do it nearby me? I Am based in the city of Warri, in Delta State.
    I await a positive response


    • Hello Bukola,
      This might be an opportunity for you to visit Abuja, the Aso Rock and other beautiful places. That said, you don’t necessarily need to visit NIMC headquarters in Abuja. Visit the NIMC branch office in your state to make any corrections you want to make. That’s how it’s done. You WILL have to spend NGN15,000 to correct your date of birth (or more). The information you submitted will be forwarded to the headquarters for modification.

      You can find NIMC branch office on this post:

      • Thank you very much for your response 🙏🏽

        Pls sir,
        Still bear with me as I will continue to write you, to get update until the correction is made..
        Tomorrow I will visit the NIN office close to me and come back to you on how far I have gone

        Do have a productive week

  26. If my reason for changing state of origin is the type of school I am an aspiring for, and they consider students from their catchment area;. Will that be accepted ?

    • Pls i paid 15000 for change of date of birth in ikeja office since August and nothing has been done to it.i keep going there and i was told is from Abuja that there is nothing they can do pls i need help cos i need it urgently.

      • Submit a complaint at NIMC office nearest to you with evidence of payment. But most times, it could take up to five months or more before NIMC effect the change in the modification you applied for. You can only get a faster response if you know anyone at NIMC office

    • Please have you resolved your own cause I’m having similar problem and how much did they charge you for that

  27. I made a mistake on my NIN registration. My first name was used as my middle name. I just did and they give me the tracking number, when I got home I realized there was a mistake. Please what should I do. I really need to be changed urgently..

  28. I removed a middle name which took about 2months before another slip was issued to me but on getting to the bank it’s still displaying the old details which is affecting my opening of a new bank account….pls how long does this take before the new details starts reflecting in the bank.
    Thank you.

  29. I made a change in. my date of birth in my BVN and I was given a print out showing my correct date of birth do I still need to pay 15000 if I want to register for NIN because I have not registered for NIN before

    • NIN registration is free only if u go to the bank accredited for it.
      Some cyber cafe will charge u like 3 thousand naira or below that

    • Please what where the requirements you Bank ask for before the change? I also have same issue and I don’t know what they might require for BVN

  30. I pay remita to change my date of birth but they ask me to pay 50,000 before they can get it done………I’m from delta state

    • Remita doesn’t collect money from you, it’s only a payment platform for some of the government agencies. Please talk to an official of the NIMC

  31. Mine is a mistake in gender and title..please how much does it cost because i was told to pay 17,000

    • Good afternoon.i got married and I want to change to my new name and change my date of birth also and I went to an NIN office in Ibadan I was told to pay 45k so that it’ll be out in 2weeks that the 15k takes a year or 2 to be out

  32. How long its take before collection of new nin slip, if you apply for change of date of birth.

    • Please 3 weeks ago i went for correction of name at the NIMC office up till now is not yet out ..i check my ID on the portal is still showing the formal name …what can I do?and am to urgently do my passport i can’t do it because when they will do verification of identity it will be different and they won’t proceed for the issuance of my passport and my travelling is urgent what can be done please ?

  33. Please if I change my date of birth on my NIN…will the newly corrected slip contain the previous NIN number or I’ll be issued a new number?

  34. Is it 15000 or 500? If I read well you said in your write up that change of name is 500 while change of date of birth is 15000

  35. Please let the NIMC official try and give proper orientation to their employees on what they really need to know.

    Let them not ever correct any form submitted by the applicant when the form is been given by their employees to be fill they should not ever make corrections for the applicant instead they should ask him or her either.

  36. I went to the nimc in my locality and they referred me to abuja stating that I may have to pay the sum of #50,000 for correction of date of birth.
    Can you please give me the list of valid and experienced branches in Anambra state?

  37. My name is Edet Jacob Ezekiel but they made a mistake by spelling EZEKI INSTEAD of Ezekiel. Pls what is the solution to this?

  38. If someone residential address was wrongly captured as one local government and state of origin. How can such errors be corrected by nimc and how would the person about such correction at nimc office? Please urgently advise. Thank you

  39. I having problem with my name, I.e my fist name,other name and surname was not placed properly. What can I do?

  40. There is a mistake on my month not year on my NIN, And am minor, Is there need for the nimc to collect money from me, if there’s how much will that be.

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