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The Idea Behind Bitcoin

Bitcoin is one of the unimaginable inventions by mankind in the financial world as anyone irrespective of location, race, banked or banked can receive payment with their wallet. In guide covers the three simplest ways to convert your bitcoin to the local currency (Naira) if anyone sends you money. read more

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Bitcoin Price for January 2022

Bitcoin closed 2021 at $47,192.17 or NGN26,616,383.88 to 1BTC and started the New Year (2022) at NGN26,631,932.36 or $47,287.05 with resistance to $50K/1BTC since January 28. read more

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Bitcoin Price for December 2021

Bitcoin closed at $57,848.77 in October 2021, translating to NGN32,684,555.05 in Nigeria, thereby recording a dip compared to November 1, when it opened at NGN34,322,840.35 or $60,748.39. read more

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Factors Leading to BTC Fluctuations

At the beginning of last month, bitcoin reached its all-time high price of $69,000 and, later on, experienced a downfall as well. After October, the prices of bitcoins were constantly rising. Later on, it kept increasing and therefore managed to get the highest price of all time.  read more

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What Can Make BTC Reach $10K?

Currently, bitcoin is being traded in the cryptocurrency market for $47,000. However, this was not the same situation back in time. Last year, bitcoin was as low as $10,000, and it was the price when you could have invested money into it. read more

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BTC Price Fell to 2 Months Low!

On Friday, the bitcoin prices decreased to the lowest in the past two months. The recent significant decreases in bitcoin prices lead investors to believe that it will fall below the critical support, and it has done so. The price is reached below $53,000, later identified as the critical support providing price level to the bitcoin. read more

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Bitcoin Price for November 2021

After the most valuable digital currency closed in October at $60,717.07 USD, it started November at $60,800.57. It seems the $60K has been the most comfortable for the BTC since it crossed that mark in 2021. read more

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Benefits Of Using Bitcoin

Perhaps you’ve heard individuals talk about Bitcoin trades. Furthermore, this might have provoked you to look for crypto traders to dive deeper into them. A Bitcoin trade is a digital money trading centre. It’s a stage where individuals buy and sell virtual monetary standards. Cryptographic forms of money like Bitcoin exist electronically. That implies you will not convey Bitcoin in your tote or pocket the same way you do with fiat cash. read more

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Bitcoin Price for October 2021

Bitcoin price began the month of October 2021 on a good note as it spiked across all major cryptocurrency exchanges around the world trading $48,170.80 at the time of this report. read more

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Bitcoin Predictions From 2020 To 2033

Bitcoin was predicted to close at $20,000 before the end of 2020 as far back as June 2020 and right now it is $62,674.13, gaining over 3% in the last 24 hours. read more

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Bitcoin Hits $61K (NGN34.9million), Eyes All-Time High With Growing ETF Expectations in USA

Bitcoin hit $61,183 (NGN34,989,273.30) for the first time in six months on Friday, October 15, 2021, as the United States’ body language shows that it may approve the launch of an exchange-traded fund based on its futures contracts. read more

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Bitcoin Price Reaches NGN33.7Million/BTC ($59,297.19) In Nigeria

The price of Bitcoin has spiked to NGN33,777,567.30, a few weeks after China announced the ban of cryptocurrency, although it reacted to the shock, it was momentary. read more

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Bitcoin Price Crosses $51 After Chinese Crackdown, Heads Towards $1Trillion Market Capitalisation

Bitcoin price has crossed $51k a few hours ago, a remarkable recovery after the September 24 crackdown on cryptocurrency by the Chinese authorities.

At the time of this report, one bitcoin was trading at $51,417.25, the trend has also pushed the price and value of other cryptocurrencies higher at the market. read more

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14 Legitimate Bitcoin Mining Pool Sites In Nigeria

Despite crypto trading restrictions in Nigeria, you can still take a step further by earning from the comfort of your home by joining one of the best bitcoin mining pool sites. We will share with you some cloud mining platforms that allow you to use the computing power of mining equipment hosted in specialized data centres without owning ASICs or any other very expensive mining equipment. read more

Effective Ways To Cancel Unconfirmed Bitcoin Transaction

2 Effective Ways To Cancel Unconfirmed Bitcoin Transaction

Cryptocurrency expert advises that you should double-check transaction details to avoid sending the coin to the wrong recipient. But man is prone to making mistakes regardless of how careful they are. So, can you cancel an unconfirmed bitcoin transaction if you noticed you haven’t sent it to the right address?  read more

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11 Qualities of Bitcoin Exchange Traders Must Pay Attention To

Since the world experienced the unprecedented boom in the value of bitcoin, we’ve come across a question like what cryptocurrency exchange should I use for trading? If you are a newcomer in the industry, definitely, it’s the right question. In this post, we’ll share with you some attributes to look out for before entrusting your hard-earned money to a platform. read more

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20 Bitcoin Payment Gateways You Can Use On WordPress Website

Since the inception of cryptocurrency in 2009 and its adoption globally as it reached an all-time high a few years after, it has become a medium of payment for online merchants. In this post, we’ll talk about 20 bitcoin payment gateways that are compatible with WordPress that merchants can use on your website. read more

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Are Investors Selling Off Bitcoin As BTC Drops $1K?

Bitcoin price dropped sharply in the past few hours, causing a panic sell-off among some crypto investors.

It neared $20 before falling below $19,000, then below $17K, at the time of this report, it gained slightly floating around $18K/1BTC. read more

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Bitcoin Miners Make $522 Million In November – CoinMetrics

As the drive to trade bitcoin soars due to the spike in its price, BTC miners made more money in November 2020, data from CoinMetrics has revealed.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts witnessed a spike in the price of bitcoin in November, setting a new all-time high after gaining over 40 per cent. read more

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How To Buy And Sell Bitcoin On Paxful

Looking for a trading platform to buy and sell your bitcoin? In this guide, I’m going to show you how to safely and quickly trade your bitcoin on Paxful through its escrow service. read more

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