Buratai relocates to Boko Haram Stronghold After Chad Killed 1,000 Insurgents

Nigeria’s Chief of Army Staff Lt Gen Tukur Buratai has reportedly relocated to the North East, strongholds of the deadly terrorist group, Boko Haram after Chadian troops killed at least 1,000 insurgents a few days ago.
Army Headquarters in Abuja, on Friday, April 10, 2020 said Buratai while at the Special Super Camp, Ngamdu in the Kaga Local Government Area of Borno State, promised to remain with them to combat the terrorists.
“The Chief of Army Staff has relocated fully to the North-East where he is overseeing and directing the overall operation in the theatre and other army operations across the country.
“The army wishes to reassure Nigerians that it is highly committed to protecting law-abiding citizens and defending our territorial integrity,” Army Headquarters said in a statement.
His relocation to the North East, the epicentre of the fighting between Nigerian Troops and Boko Haram followed a significant success Chadian Troops recorded over Boko Haram fighters a few days ago.
In a video which went viral on social media, President Idriss Déby Itno of Chad was seen leading his troops at the frontline to battle the deadly group, days after Boko Haram fighter killed close to 80 Chadian soldiers. It was reported that Chadian Troops kill more than 1, 000 Boko Haram fighters.

Why is Lt Gen Buratai relocating to the Northeast at this time?

The relocation of the Army Chief couldn’t have come at the right time considering how Chadian Troops entered into part of Nigerian territory where they killed several fighters of the dreaded group.
Political analysts and critics of Nigeria’s ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) led by President Muhammadu Buhari, a retired War veteran, described the feat recorded by the Chadian Army as a slap on Nigeria, which sees itself as Africa’s biggest economy.
Aside from that, Nigeria’s military has been described as one of the most powerful in the sub-Sahara Africa, unfortunately, the country has been battling to flush out Boko Haram for more than four years Buhari took over from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in 2015.
A few days ago, the military announced that it took delivery of military equipment to combat the effrontery of the boko haram fighters, a few hours Chadian President Idris Derby disclosed that his men killed several Boko Haram fighter without support from Nigerian Troops.

Is it the first time Military Chief is relocating to the North East?

Besides, it isn’t the first time Nigeria’s military chief is relocating to the North East to end insurgency.
In December 2018, Buhari directed Military Chiefs to relocate to the North East to flush out Boko Haram.
Buhari and his ruling party (APC) had severally told Nigerians and the rest of the World that Nigeria has won Boko Haram war.
The more victory Nigeria’s government claim over Boko Haram, the more audacious the terrorists in their attacks, most especially on military locations in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa.

Can Buhari win Boko Haram War?

The directive came as President Muhammadu Buhari ordered emergency procurement of critical equipment for troops.
Ending insurgency is one of the cardinal promises of the ruling APC, which gave the party an electoral edge over PDP in 2015 polls, but seems to failing four years after and Boko Haram are still causing collateral damage on locations in the North East.
Thousands of Nigerians have been killed since the insurgency over a decade ago while millions of Nigerians were displaced, thousands of them were pushed into neighbouring countries like Niger, Chad, Cameroon.
Buhari, who promised to end insurgency within six months during swearing on May 2015, is in his second term which terminates by May 29, 2023.
Will Buhari and APC win the Boko Haram war? The World is watching!

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