Databeaver Recruitment Nigeria (UPDATED APPLICATION)

Fresh databeaver recruitment is out, the company make this known in a mail sent out to those who already submitted the application.

The message read:

We are recruiting for a job opportunity In your area. Interested in working with us?

Register by visiting the link….. If you have anyone interested in joining us, Kindly share this mail (post) with them.

*We are looking for creative and innovative minds to join our excellent team of field agents for an ongoing survey*.

*As an agent carrying out survey for Databeaver*, you are also to take this Registration and Assessment to become a registered agent.

It is compulsory for persons who are interested in becoming permanent agents who will be informed first of any active survey.

*Register by visiting the link*: .

*Survey Assessment Link*:

*If you’ve taken the assessment before or done the registration and scored above 60, Do not retake!*

Kindly send this message to anyone who’s interested in joining us around you. We accept everyone and anyone across all states.



What Databeaver agent will be doing

  1. Capture visual data that appears in the form of predetermined field elements.
  2. Identify field elements as communicated across by the project manager.
  3. Provide valuable feedback to the Register project manager via specified means such as survey-forms.
  4. Participate in random information collation exercise.
  5. Create and maintain relationships with third-party representatives.

Requirements for Databeaver agent

Fluency in English Language.

Be an N-Power volunteer if you are not a volunteer you must provide means of identification

Possess a fully functional Android or iOS device.

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Be between the ages of 20 – 37.

Functional Email address

First name

Last name

Phone number you used for N-Power programme (If you’ve collected your N-Power device then this is for you). You may not need to provide your BVN again

Your BVN (Please fill in your BVN Number. This field is only REQUIRED for volunteers who HAVE NOT received their N-Power devices and SIM cards.)

State of residence

Local government of residence


Furtherance to your successful registration and upload of all required documents, you are required to:

1) View and study the attached training manual.

2) Take the online assessment.

3) How to successfully submit your Databeaver application:

4) In submitting your application, kindly take note of the following:

5) Please note that this process is a prerequisite for engagement.

6) Please DO NOT attempt the assessment without going through the Training Manual.

7) Please DO NOT take the assessment twice. Duplicate submission is an automatic disqualification.

8) Please READ the manual very carefully. If any point is unclear send a mail to Download the TRAINING MANUAL HERE

9) Please READ & UNDERSTAND each question THOROUGHLY before attempting to answer.

If you’ve taken the assessment before or done the registration and scored above 60, Do not retake!

All the best!

Please Note 

  1. If you partook in the retail banking survey or MTN retail outlet survey, you are also expected to go through this application process.
  2. If you have not received your N-Power Device and as a result do not have an N-Power Phone number, You are required to put in your BVN number. This is purely to ensure that you are an N-Power Volunteer, and we need a unique identifier to do so.
  3. If you have received your NPower device and can fill in your N-Power Phone number. It is not necessary to fill in your BVN NUMBER
  4. Please take the assessment only once. You will be disqualified for duplicate entries.
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How to apply for Databeaver Survey Agent

  • Step 1: Click Provide information or use this REGISTRATION LINK.
  • Step 2: Click switch account if a gmail address that isn’t yours is showing. Enter your email address
  • Step 3: Fill the form and Hit submit

That’s all, you’ll definitely be contacted

Study the training guide (It’s very important.)

Benefits of working as Databeaver agent

  • Flexible work plan suitable to your schedule.
  • Exposure to a network of like-minded and professional individuals.
  • Lucrative payments, made in a transparent organised structure.

Take Data Beaver assessment

After putting you email address, here are some of the questions you’ll see in the assessment:


  • You must have studied the guide before taking an assessment
  • According to the guide, what is the most important skill for a survey agent
  • Which of the under listed is best practice during a survey

Toggle the “Send me a copy of my responses” to get response to your answers.

If you have any question regarding this, please let us know or send a complaint to the company.

77 thoughts on “Databeaver Recruitment Nigeria (UPDATED APPLICATION)”

  1. Olugbolahan

    For every one that couldn’t fill either the form or assessment, if you are browsing on your phone try use Google Crome browser. I couldn’t successfully fill the form as well until I used Google Crome browser.

      1. Olugbolahan

        Dear Admin,

        In want to know if the DataBeaver programme is still running because I got information about the programme this October and I filled the form and assessment few days ago.

        Looking forward to reading your response, thanks in advance.


    Thank you i was contacted via my mail, just now.

  3. madubuike christiana

    am yet to be contacted ,i scored 10/10 in the online exams

    1. Check your SPAM folder. You should have seen confirmation that your application was received

  4. 08065454557

    I applied, scored 8/10, Received congratulatory Message, but still no more response from databeaver team

    1. You’ll be contacted. Alternatively you can check your SPAM folder if you are yet to receive any message. however there is no need to panic if you’ve used the correct email address.

  5. Bamisile

    Pls have try to long in but l don’t understand,pls send me the site


    I have filled the form and take my assessment and I scored 10/10 in that assessment.I’m very much grateful sir for this wonderful opportunity given to me. What is the next step or when the JOB will commence.thanks

  7. Anonymous

    Why is data beaver requesting BVN? Are they scam?

    1. It’s not scam. Your Bvn is required if you’re batch 2017, batch 2016 doesn’t need bVN . Databeaver is one of the partners of N-Power.

  8. Anom Dooyum

    I have fill the form and score 10/10 am waiting for that day. Thanks so much sir for this wonderful opportunity

  9. Anonymous

    Am yet to get feedback massage. After scoring 10 over 10.

  10. borngreatevangeline1

    Okay! Thanks so much!

  11. Omone Evangeline Isah

    I mean, I scored 100%, why no congratulatory message ? While friends that scored 40% said they received the message; does it mean 40% is a pass mark? Na was o

  12. Omone Evangeline Isah

    Please, is 4/10 a pass Mark? Didn’t received any congratulatory message. Thanks!

    1. The assessment is to test your ability in certain area of the survey you are expected to do on the field, to prepare you for the task, as such you may receive a message from the firm handling it.

  13. Bamgboye Hafeez Adesoji

    Please what is the time duration of work for outgoing2016 npower set

  14. Olamide

    I received the congratulatory message via email after i scored 10/10 in the test. When is the work beginning? or what exactly is the next step?

  15. Faith Samuel

    I have been trying to respond to the questions for my assessment but not picking, please what should I do?

  16. Ladi Williams

    I was able to answer the questions but I could not fill in my my email, first name and last name because it did not respond. What do I do?

  17. Saratu mahmud

    Plss sir I need ur help, I filled d form n wrote d assessment test which I scored 10/10 but my email was mistaken. Instead of saratumahmud84 I wrote mahmudsaratu84. Plss wat should I do?

  18. Nwaocha Emeka Rex

    Please i want to apply for this job. Am an Npower beneficiary from Imo state

  19. Raphael Phinehas

    How long does it take to get the feedback of one’s scores after taking the assessment test?

  20. Anonymous

    Can I go further to take the assessment after registered for it or wait till I get the congratulatory message?

  21. Anonymous

    I have not receive my congratulations message sir
    In assessment test I got 8/8

  22. Anonymous

    Am having it difficult to fill the form, I having trying since a week now but to no avail

  23. Ime williamson

    Pls am trying to fill the form but is not responding does it mean u people have close or is it network pls notify me when is ready

  24. Seun Akpali

    Hello,can’t access the form

  25. John Isonguyo Amos

    Good day. I have not got any response after taking the test. Pls what’s my fate?

  26. Nornubari

    Good morning sir
    I wrote my test last night i got 8/10 am expecting respons message thank u

  27. Nornubari Naalor

    I got 8/10 any hope for me

  28. Gold

    Please am having difficulty in filling the form

  29. loveline mgbaja

    How can i know that i passed the assessment test.? Because I haven’t received any congratulatory message.


    Notify me the next thing after taken the assessments

  31. Chioma udeze

    Pls i mistakely took the assessment two time without knowing that the first one has been sent.hope i’m not disqualified.and all the people that did after me has gotten congratulation message and I have not.

  32. bello rukayat

    Have not been able to fill this form

  33. Chioma udeze

    Pls i need a help i was told that if I take the assessment two times that i will be disqualified,i mistakenly took the assessment two times without reading the instrustions I don’t know what to do,those that I did before them have all gotten their congratulatory message but I have not gone mine hope i’m not disqualified.

    1. Chioma udeze

      The reason why I took the assessment again is because I taught the first one was not sent pls how can I make up for the mistake. Thanks

  34. Adejoke

    Am still waiting for the confirmation text message.

  35. Abolarin Femi

    Mr Opeyemi, what performance are you referring to, I already know my score in the test

  36. Uwaila Faith Wategire

    Have filled the form, but the column for the assessment test is not showing have not been able to take the test.

  37. Adamoh Aminat Ajoke

    How should I apply

  38. Ezimuo Sylverline Ifeoma

    Please I have applied but I have not done my assessment. How do I go about it.

  39. Fatimah Yahaya

    I have registered and done d assessment but haven’t receive a congratulations message, I only got a message of my score in Google form am still hoping to get a congratulation message sir

  40. Aikulola- Abu Olushola Modupe

    can’t fill in anything on this site

  41. Lawal Umar

    I registered and wrote d assessment, i got 10/10.plz when shall I here from you sir

    1. Congrats Lawal, you will be contacted soon as regard your performance. Constantly check your inbox for update.

    1. Hi Jamium clear your browser cache. And use any of the following browsers:

      1) Mozilla Firefox

      2) Google Chrome

      3) Explorer

      4) Operamini (the advance one)

  42. Veronica

    Have filled d form and answer d assessment. I got 8 out of 10. Hoping for a positive response.

    1. Hi Veronica,

      You’ll be contacted any moment from now to update you about your performance in the assessment. Keep checking your inbox. All the best

  43. Uwaila Faith Wategire

    Am having difficulty in filling the form. I clicked on the fields for both email, name but i couldn’t fill it in.
    Please assist me. Thanks.

  44. Anonymous

    I successfully filled de form and answer de assessment test

    1. Watch out for response from Databeaver very soon. If you pass the assessment you’ll be contacted.

  45. Anonymous

    I can’t click on the e-mail address and others

  46. Bankole Nafisat Olarike

    Good day, please I have not been able to fill the form

    1. Hi Nafisat, What error are you getting? It’s very simple to fill. Follow our guide. That’s all.

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